• The Paperclip- Injection of Inspiration #14

    The Paperclip- Injection of Inspiration #14-

    mindset with jason yun mindtamer The paperclip is a metaphor for life.

    What paperclip is in your life? How many are in your life?

    We have to attack it. When you start with anything. You always suck.

    Dave Tate talks about the levels to get to Elite in Powerlifting. And it applies to life:

    • – Shit
    • -Suck
    • -Average
    • -Good
    • -Great
    • -Elite

    An average person is average for a reason. There are so many of them. And that is what the ‘powers' that make the rules and laws want. They want people they can control. They want people to live in fear.

    You must take action in order to dominate life. And then you continue to take that action. Consistency always trumps motivation.

    I'm motivated today to workout.

    What about tomorrow?

    What about next week?

    What about in 2034?

    Why did you wake up?

    ‘Stop being a little bitch' ~ Grant Cardone.

    grant cardone columbus, ohio mindset

    Attack one or 2 paperclips today. Attack the biggest ones.

    Brian Tracy talks about eating the biggest FROG for the day first. Not what is easy.

    Everyday do something that is hard. That is how you break free of being average.

    I used to be. You can train yourself to become better.

    columbus nutritionist carbs to fat- keto diet

    Write down what needs down and accomplish it. Or at least get some of it done. Nothing moves unless you get done. Start-stop-start-stop-stop……… that is a good way to keep that paperclip in it's regular state.

    Bend it. Bend that paperclip!

    I am not the best me that will ever be. But I am the best I can be right now!

    The world needs better humans.


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