• Thank you for entering the 21-day Sugar Detox Challenge

    Thanks for entering the Improvement Warrior Fitness 21-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

    Please be sure to check your email for the confirmation email. Please follow the directions inside of there as well.

    Also if you do not get it within 45 minutes, please be sure to check your spam and junk email box as well.

    All the of the info below will also be emailed to you.

    Facebook Transformation Private Group (you must request to join first, it is a private group)

    You can post your measurements , essay and before pics there;

    Or you can email it all to jasonyun@improvementwarriorfitness.com. Remember if you don't want your pictures on the Facebook Group you have to email them to that email address.

    The measurements DO NOT need to submitted if we are not in an official challenge, but you may join and post freely on the Facebook page for extra motivation and accountability. 

    The measurements consist of Neck, Chest, Dominate arm, waist, hips, Dominate thigh, dominate calf. You can take other measurements as well, as the resource measurement sheet has other areas to measure. Watch this video (it was also emailed to you) on exactly where and how to take the measurements:

    21-day Reflection sheet:

    We will also email you a reflection sheet before and after the challenge. It's critical that you fill this out. Your feedback will help other people who are suffering with carbs and sugar cravings KICK them to the curb! Plus it will help us improve this challenge. 

    Thank you in advance! Best of strength to you in this challenge!

    Stay strong, Stay Positive, Be The Improvement Warrior!

    Jason Yun and the Coaches of IWF:

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