• Sleep- Part 2- Black Out & Masks

    Watch the sleep video #2 above!

    Welcome to part 2 of the sleep series. 

    You can read part 1 and watch part 1 video here

    Remember this is not something that you are going to master in 6 weeks, so be patient, ask questions. If you don't ask questions I think everything is going awesome for you. Do your own research as well that will help move everything along even faster. You are a student again. Education doesn't stop when your schooling ends…….in fact that is just the beginning of your real education, because life is always teaching us something. Takes notes, implement the stuff you learn…..otherwise you might end up in detention rather then recess. 

    Black out for sleep is super super important. 

    The room you sleep in needs to be as dark as possible. 

    Your eyes are a camera, so one of the easiest ways to make your room as dark as possible through the eyes is to wear a sleep mask. 

    The one I recommend in the video is the sleep master sleep mask. I've now had it for over 2.5 years and still works great. 

    Blockin the light from the eyes is super important, especially if it is blue light. We will cover blue light in a seperate video as well, but blue light is the worst light to expose yourself to after the sun goes down or even after lunchtime. 

    However, our skin can also see. Our eyes have a blue light receptor called melanopsin and so does our skin. It was just discovered in 2017 or 2018 that our skin has this same opsin our eyes do. That is just another major reason we want our room to be blacked out. 

    The room should be so dark that when you hold your hand in front of your eyes you should not be able to see your hand. 

    Sleep Masks

    The one I use and have had for over 2 years now is the SleepMaster Sleep Mask

    Black out curtains

    These are excellent to help close off any lights coming in from the outside like street lights, or car lights. Lamp posts and some of the new LED headlights on cars are some of the worst lights you can expose yourself to.

    Anytime I travel I am always bringing electrical tape to tape shut the curtains and also cover up any external lights like the fire alarm, or water valve, etc…. I did this in my daughter's room as well.

    We now have blackout curtains. In the video we didn't have the curtains.

    Alarm Clocks

    I've completely stopped using a digital alarm clock. Reason being is anything that is plugged in will emit an electro magnetic field (EMF) which will interfere with sleep.

    I don't even have my phone plugged in anymore. And it is always on airplane mode.

    The alarm clock I use now is a peakeep battery operated alarm clock. It's super small and I was afraid it wouldn't be loud enough but it is. Excellent for travel and tent sleeping too.

    battery alarm clock for rem sleep and rest

    My phone is a back up alarm as well.

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