• Sleep problems linked to depression and diabetes (Hilliard, Ohio)

    Sleep problems linked to depression and diabetes

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    Almost beddy time.????

    Are your blue blockers on?

    Is your skin covered?

    Sleep issues tie to almost every single disease as well as weight gain, poor body comp, hormone issues, etc…….

    If you don't sleep well your autophagy sucks, which is basically your ability to recycle every single protein in your body that you used today. If you can't do that then tomorrow you wake up and you are running on old proteins, which is why your energy sucks and you feel you need starbucks to even function.

    Sleep starts with protection from #ALAN (Artififical Light At Night). If you don't do it then enjoy the disease(s) coming or the one(s) you already have (some of you don't even know you have them 😉 I didn't 6 months ago)

    When you know better you do better……..so do better!

    Sleep tight, stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

    If you missed the blue light webinar part one you can watch it here. 

    Blue light is the number one health threat on your sleep right now. Every single disease can be blamed on blue light in some fashion. This is not hyperbole. Your light environment is more important then the food and exercise you do and put in you.

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    #LightWithYun #ImprovementWarrior

    Now do you see why Sleep problems linked to depression and diabetes


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