• Thank You For Entering the Improvement Warrior Fitness Transformation Contest

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    Thanks for entering the 6th Improvement Warrior Fitness Transformation Contest.

    Please be sure to check your email for the confirmation email. Please follow the directions inside of there as well. It will include copies of the rules and expectations, and also how to make your entry fee payment.

    Also if you do not get it within 15 minutes, please be sure to check your spam and junk email box as well.

    Below is a form that you can use to submit your measurements and before and after essay. Remember you can also do it on the facebook forum here:

    Facebook Transformation Private Group

    You only have to enter your information in one or the other place.

    Or you can email it all to jasonyun@improvementwarriorfitness.com. Remember if you don't want your pictures on the Facebook Group you have to email them to that email address.

    The measurements consist of Neck, Chest, Dominate arm, waist, hips, Dominate thigh, dominate calf. Watch this video (it was also emailed to you) on exactly where and how to take the measurements:

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    Example of Before and After Essay:


    What can I say about my struggles with health and fitness that a million others haven’t said/written? I think it all started when I was a kid and didn’t want my brother to have more of anything than me, including food. I wasn’t smart enough then to know boys and girls don’t require the same amount of calories, especially when the boy is an athlete playing three sports and the girl is in choir. You don’t need an increase in calories to sing. By the time I was older and wiser, it seemed too late. I already knew how delicious bad food was for me and couldn’t deny myself it. Also, all outings with friends seem to revolve around food.

    When I met my now husband, I gained about 15 lbs, putting me at my heaviest ever. I hated it. Knowing we would one day be married I joined Weight Watchers online and started working out with Power 90 videos 6 days a week. I felt great and was losing weight. I lost 40 lbs before we got married. Unfortunately, after the honeymoon, I never got back into watching what I ate and working out and the weight just crept back on. Years have gone by; weight has stayed with me, getting higher at times.
    The reason this time I am more serious than before is now I am a nurse. I don’t want to be the obese nurse working in healthcare, promoting health yet being extremely unhealthy myself. Just as I would have a hard time taking advice or listening to an obese person tell me how to be healthy, I assume my patients would feel the same. I also need to be healthier so I can work the 12 hour night shifts and give care to my patients like they deserve. With the wrong nutrition and too much excess weight, I can’t be the best nurse I can be. I don’t want my patients to suffer because of poor choices I make. An added bonus would be feeling more comfortable in my own skin.


    This has been quite an adventure! I’m very glad that I signed up to participate in the contest and bootcamp in general. Best Groupon I have purchased! This was the extra kick that I needed to become a better me. It really helped being a part of a team because I didn’t want to let them down and be a weak link. Even though I don’t know who two of my teammates are, I didn’t want to be THAT girl. In addition to this contest, I am a part of a Facebook group where we discuss our fitness successes failures and just support each other. We make weekly/monthly goals. During this transformation contest time period my goals involved eating more fruits and veggies, less processed foods, 20 workouts in for Feb. (got in 27), and for the month of February, I gave up all fast food. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. One of my food weaknesses is Mexican food. I can eat my weight in chips and salsa.

    To overcome this, I now bring my own almond-thin crackers to use with the salsa. I also make much better decisions when ordering food out. I now look at the menu online prior to going out and look at the nutrition information. It’s doesn’t take that much time and I wonder why I wasn’t just doing this before. This contest has also taught me I can do more than I thought I could. Something I always told myself I couldn’t do was run a half marathon. I decided to use this time to show myself what I can do and have signed up for the Cap City half marathon in May. Prior to this, the most I had ever run was 3 miles and here I was being a crazy person signing up for this. I think bootcamp has helped make me stronger both legs and lungs that I am actually able to run the long runs thus far of 5 miles with little problems. Of course, they are slower miles, but the purpose is to finish, not win. Even though the official contest is over, my transformation is still in progress. I have more weight to lose, more muscle to build, and more confidence to gain. Thank you for your help in helping me achieve these goals.