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    Improvement Warrior Fitness- Screen & Mini-Orientation

    What is this Screen and Mini-Orientation?
    At Improvement Warrior Fitness we implemented the screen and mini-orientation dates to show you exactly why and how our group fitness program will help to change your life. Your entire program is individualized based off of your screen.
    You are required to go through your screen before your first class. This is not your typical group fitness class. Read on to find out why.
    All screens and mini-orientations are done at the Hilliard studio. If you wish to have your screen done at the Downtown or one-on-one at the Hilliard Studio, please click here to schedule.
    It will last between :35-60 minutes depending on how many people we have. We limit the number to 8 maximum.
    If you don't know what the Functional Movement Screen is please read this blog post

    Group Fitness Can be Scary for a lot of People!
    But it doesn't have to be.
    If you are brand new to exercise, think you're too old, too overweight, have an existing medical condition or injury….
    All those reasons are out the door with Improvement Warrior Fitness.
    And even if you have been training for a while and consider yourself an advanced trainee or even a competitive athlete……..
    IWF is a program that works for everybody. Because it is customized to everybody.
    YES! Even though it is in a group setting, it is still individualized for YOU!
    It will work for everybody!!!
    Well, maybe not everybody
    If you are not willing to put forth a consistent effort towards reaching your health and fitness goals then no program will work for you. IWF is not a magic pill. There is no such thing.
    But if you are willing to put forth the effort and drop the excuses at the door then this program will work for you, and we 100% guarantee our results if you put in the time to become the Improvement Warrior.
    When, Where, What Do I Need To Do?
    What will happen at this event:
    • We will take you through your Functional Movement Screen. Below is a video of one of our Improvement Warriors going through her own screen:
    • The exercise style that we do. This style allows us the opportunity to train a person who hasn't worked out in years or is overweight, side by side next to somebody that has been in our program for over a year. And it has been proven to burn up to 9x more body fat then regular cardio exercise.
    • The exercise and nutrition style that is keeping you fat, unhealthy, and wasting your time.
    • You will also be taken through our warm-up and a mini-circuit. This will help prove to you anybody can do it and the changes you will soon see.
    • You will also be introduced to foam rolling and why we do it.


    You must have registered already for your Trial to attend the Screen and Mini-Screen.

    Upcoming Schedule for this event:


    Location for this event is always the Hilliard Studio: 4601 leap ct.


     All days are Sunday @ 6:15 pm (unless indicated otherwise)


    October 2013 Schedule:

    • Sunday 10/6 (Time will be 5:15 pm not 6:15 pm)
    • Sunday 10/20
    • Sunday 10/27

    November 2013 Schedule:


    • Sunday 11/3
    • Sunday 11/10
    • Sunday 11/17


    December 2013 Schedule:

    • Sunday 12/1
    • Sunday 12/15
    • Sunday 12/22
    • Sunday 12/29
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