• Hip Hop Fitness Class- Hilliard, OH

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    Hip Hop Fitness

    at Hilliard's Improvement Warrior Fitness

    What is Hip Hop Fitness?

    Hip Hop Dance is a fun way to burn some serious calories and body fat! After the initial instruction it's non-stop moving which will help to increase all of the following:

    • Metabolism

    • Fat Burning

    • Stamina

    • Endurance

    • Core Strength

    • Leg Strength

    When, Where, How Much?
    The Hip Hop Fitness Trial Class will be taken place on :

    Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 @ 7:30 pm

    Location will be:

    Improvement Warrior Fitness (formerly Yun Fitness Bootcamps)

    4601 Leap Ct, Hilliard, OH 43026

    (immediately behind the Krogers and across from the Post Office)

    This is a FREE TRIAL CLASS! But we can only fit 35 people!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Hip Hop Fitness

    1.) Do I need to have rhythm or dancing abilities?

    There are no prerequisites when it comes to dancing ability.

    2.) What should I wear?

    You want to wear clothes you are comfortable moving around in. You will be sweating up a storm as well 🙂

    3.) Is this a beginner or more advanced class?

    Ade, the Hip Hop instructor, is able to make the moves adjustable for all levels of fitness.

    4.) What do I need to bring?

    Bring a towel and lots of water. There is bottled water and Oxy Water at the studio for sale.

    If you have never been to an Improvement Warrior Fitness or Yun Strength & Fitness Class before you will be sent a waiver form when you register.

    5.) Is there going to be a regular schedule for this class?

    That will all depend on the demand and the turnout for this trial class. So please be sure to spread the word by clicking the facebook, tweet, google, and pin buttons on the left of this page.

    About Your Instructor-

    Ade Afolabi
    Ade Hip Hop
    I am currently teaching Hip Hop Fitness at Phlex Fitness in Gahanna with Michael Nicholson. I started expressing myself in dance at the age of 4 or 5 years old! My expression was introverted and private to my thoughts and vision. Then, a woman who carried me in her thoughts, dreams, and birthed me after 9 months, took me to my first birthday party, put me in the middle of the dance floor and said these words: “Jo bi oshén Jo ni ilé wa pelu awon ore é” then looked at me like I had this in the bag. I remember it so vividly, for that day was when I think I ripped my pants thinking I was MJ. 🙂

    My point, simply being, is that with the right encouragement, and right motivation, your body is willing to follow your lead; whether you lead it the right way or the wrong way.

    I don't think I could breathe if I couldn't express myself in dance. I also enjoy shocking my body with other forms of exercise such as boxing, weight training, and martial arts. I also enjoy soccer and basketball, and I will try any activity that encourages my spirit.

    I graduated from Rutgers with a BA in Business Management. One main passion I have is the role of father to a 12 year old princess. I am music. I even walk with rhythm. Today, my fitness is dance, fused with strength training, with focus on toning the body.

    If you would like to broaden your horizon, while making a healthy impact on your life, let me help with that!

    Adults of all ages are welcome, as well as children from age 6 and up.