• RIP Brad! Gone too soon- Esophageal cancer

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    A couple of week's ago a high school friend, Brad Calvin, died after a long 2-year bout of fighting Esophageal cancer. He was 43. He was in the class after me in 1997. I honestly hadn't seen him since that graduation. I was actually better friends with his sister, Sarah, in high school, who I think I just realized just now that they were actually twins. Brad and I have been facebook friends since facebook started but I just found out he had cancer probably the beginning of this year–stupid fb algorithim.

    He left behind a wife and 5 young kids. From the looks of it all of them under 12 years old.


    A lot of people have been posting their tributes to Brad in memory of him. This post will be a little different since I don't want others especially his family to go down a simlar path.

    There was something I wanted to add from Dr. Jack Kruse that I had heard on one of his members' Q & A calls, but I lost the note card that had the info of where that info was.

    I went to Grandview Heights High School and I had 69 people in my graduating class. I think a total of 360 in the high school. The class of '97 sort of become an adopted class for me anyways because one of my best friends in high school, who currently is fighting bone cancer, failed a grade.

    Cancer sucks.

    Unfortunately, there is not a cure. Never will be. At least where researchers are looking in the Nuclear Genome. The mitochondrial genome would be a better place to look, but again you can't ‘cure' it. It basically is an adaption to the environment we put ourselves in.

    Now there are ‘cures' that exist in nature, but they have been suppressed by Big Cancer, Big Pharma, Big Medicine.

    Now you can get rid of it, for sure.

    And another unfortunate thing is they don't want to cure it. The Cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Drugs from Big Pharma to treat it another Billion dollar industry. Chemotherapy another one. Surgery another one.

    cancer epigenetic disease mitochondria black panther

    Prevention is best way, but we are misled about what is actually prevention.

    Because of this fact that we have all this mis-information out there about cancer and health in general, sadly Brad will not be the last of my high school classmates to succomb to the disease.

    The Sun is the best cancer prevention & healer. But we've been made to believe that it is the cause of it.


    Get your mammograms ladies! But actually mammograms are one reason for causing more cancer.

    mammograms x ray raditation dangers


    Down below I listed everything I have written, blogged, made a video of about cancer. Including the mammograms blog.

    Money, takes precedence over you or me. Cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's, obesity, autoimmune conditions, asthma, austim, fertility issues, and on and one…..they don't want them cured.

    Sadly, Brad went the way of Big Pharma to ‘treat' it. So did Chadwick Bosman. That blog post is below as well.

    black panther cancer jason yun light sunlight vitamin d

    The faster we wake up to this corruption and systematic genocide over the people's health the faster we can move to a better world.

    Like I said the sun is the best prevention and healer of cancer and all mitochondrial diseases (~80-90%+ of all diseases).

    Here is what cancer researchers and most people are missing:

    The Red light transition (Sunrise & Zero UV) to UVA (Early morning sunshine) is vital because of it's effect on our sex steroid hormones (among a host of other reasons as well). Sunset is also important but not as important because it doesn't affect our sex steroid hormones nearly as much, however, if you are sick or have any disease see the sunset too (With naked eyes (no sunglasses, glasses, contacts) and as little clothing as possible).

    Broken hormones' circadian rhythms set you up for all cancers and all diseases.

    We have a TCA cycle and a UREA cycle. TCA cycle also known as Krebs cycle or the Cirtic Acid Cycle is used to release energy from carbs, fats, and proteins. Urea cycle helps us excrete ammonia.
    We also have Glycolysis and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway (PPP). The PPP is a metabolic pathway parallel to Glycolysis. Glycolysis converts glucose to ATP.

    TCA and Urea cycles work in high oxygen environments. Glycolysis and PPP work in low oxygen. Optimal cells will use the TCA and Urea for the most part.

    Calcium efflux warburg metabolism of cancer jason yun

    Broken cells (i.e. cancer cells) have broken Autophagy (Cellular recycling) & Apoptosis (systematic cell suicide of bad cells). Cancer cells have to use glycolysis and PPP in a high oxygen environment. O2 goes higher because it is related to the methionine cycle (essential amino acid). It is indirectly coupled to the spin rate of TCA and UREA cycle because there is too much deteurium (heavy water) inside, so methionine rises and then you get way too much o2 that can't use the TCA and UREA cycle. Which sets up perfect opportunity for cancer cells to form in that tissue.

    A high Deuterium content will be found in every cancer case. Make sure your ice floats! Listen to my water podcast here.

    TCA and Urea always need high oxygen. WHere they both meet is at the outer mitochondrial membrane where polynsaturated fats and deuterium are in tuned in that cell membrane. That cell membrane is designed to be replaced (aka recylced) via autophagy when autophagy is under tight quantum control.

    But what happens when autophagy is NOT under tight control?

    Deuterium gets let out. And it is going to go to the places where it is the closest to; which are the TCA and the Urea cycle.

    If you break down all cancers to their fundamental backbone it is this: they all need to have really fast electrons moving fast through electron chain transport to drive glycolysis and PPP, but also have to inhibit apoptosis.

    Apoptosis is a function of the UV spectrum of sunlight. UVA and UVB. UVA is tied in with Nitric Oxide. NO inhibits cytochrome 4 to improve our body's ability for apoptosis.

    The vitamin D receptor when it binds to sulfated vitamin D3 (which only sunlight makes–supplements do not) it inhibits electron chain transport and that is why when you are in the sun for a long time then you don't need to eat as much food.

    Electron chain transport job is to take electrons depending on where they enter. If from carbs they enter at cytochrome 1. Fat they enter at cytochrome 2. Then go through the rest of cytochromes through 5 to reduce to oxygen.

    What you need to know about sunlight and one of it's it's amazing spectrums–IR-A-Infrared-A light, is that cytochrome 4, ATPase, IR-A light makes it spin independently of electrons. As long as it is spinning without food electrons then you can do amazing things thermodynamically and you don't need to eat as much. That's why cancer and obesity is non-existant for tribes living in Africa, where the strongest sun is.

    All cancer cells use glucose (glycolysis), but they don't necessarily want to use that. It is because those have no other choice because the TCA and UREA cycles are broken, so they have to use glycolysis and PPP, that is the only way to undergo biosysnthesis. But the problem is there is no control.

    Oxygen tensions where methionine cycle comes in is what would control it. Red light, IRA (infrared-A), UVA controls methionine cycle.

    Vitamin D protects you against cancer

    IRA- is extremely important for autophagy. Also UVA and Vitamind D receptor inactives a electron flow in mitcohdrondia through cytochromes 1-4, that is why every cancer and every mitochondrial disease is associated with low vitamin D levels. D is made through UVB light and red light, IRA, UVA light is also ALWAYS present when UVB light is out.

    Cancer cells in order to form and survive have to have a very brisk state of electron flow and apoptosis (cell suicide) needs to be completely inhibited. Apoptosis is one way we use to get rid of cancer cells.

    Are dots being connected yet?

    Any cancer known in all studies the higher your vitamin d levels the lower the cancer chances. But nowadays we have so many people who cannot properly raise their vitamin d levels because they are blue light toxic on the eyes and skin–even if they are going out in the sun.

    Which is why all of these things: sunrise/early AM sun, mid-day UVB sun, and blocking blue light on eyes/skin is on my top 5 optimal health lists.

    Guess what's not on there on that list–working out, eating kale salads or grassfed meats/organs…. Eating DHA is there, because sun without DHA the sun doesn't work. DHA without the sun, the DHA doesn't work. Blue light in the eye? DHA gets destroyed.

    seafood protein jason yun DHA DPA

    Remember DHA showed up same time as oxygen, 600-650 million years ago in the Cambrian explosion, complex life started from this. Most people know we can't go 2-3 minutes without oxygen. But most people don't know the role DHA plays with it. Sure you can live without eating seafood, but are you actually living, or are you just collecting diseases during your lifetime. You sure as hell will not be of optimal health during your lifetime.


    But anyway. There is the mic drop on cancer summarized based on Dr. Jack Kruse's teachings.

    RIP Brad! You Will be Missed

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    P.S. When you are ready to move forward with your health let me know. Small steps lead to big changes. Consistency, consistency, consistency. I am not looking for excuse makers, but action takers!


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