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    Ravi Sandhu jason yun health coaching consult

    “206.6lbs now. I have dropped 20lbs during the light challenge and feel WAY better. DHA daily, CT daily, Sunrise, Photobiolodulation, Grounding, Sleeping on an Earthing Matt, the grind to be an Improvement Warrior is SO WORTH IT let me tell you. I'm feeling good. Before, I felt terrible.
    I attribute my success to the consult I had with Jason where he put me on Leptin RX and advised me in a range of areas.
    Now, I am feeling better, but still am going to go for A++, so jason and I have another call coming soon.
    I will get there. Light, Water & Magentism!”

    December 2021

    Update April 2022
    “When the body has the answers. you change the questions. It adapts and keeps you stable. It takes changing things, tweaking, and hammering that into the hypothalamus for a few months to drop the set point and create something new. Just resetting leptin, working on circadian biology, and managing my light environment got me from 248.8lbs to 200lbs. There was exercise in that too, but leptin sensitivity and circadian biology are way more important than that.
    Learning from the incredible Dr Marcus has now dropped me below 200lbs which was where I plateaued for a while. I will get to 185lbs, and keep it stable there for 6 months to really establish that as a baseline. Remember, I am 6 ft 5, so I will enter twig territory if I drop far beyond that. Keeping muscle on and lifting weights is important if you are a very, very tall person.
    It takes true grinding to change yourself, but it is worth it. When I was 250lbs, I hated everything about the way I looked. I was sick of seeing my reflection in the mirror. Bad times. Self esteem took a massive hit, and it was quite low as it was!
    Thank you to Jason Yun for teaching me more about leptin. I had some understanding before, but you really drove it home for me. Your help allowed me to drop 30lbs!
    The rest will come together. It took so much work to get even here man, just to not be totally fat anymore took so much grinding I can't even describe it……….but I know the journey I've been on and for that I have massive prid.
    This is really only the beginning. I will keep achieving my goals in all domains like I have been doing for a while. Very few people in my life even know, lol, but my head has been down and I have been grinding like a man possessed for years………..it will begin to show more and more………”

    Ravi Sandhu
    Kingston, England, United Kingdom

    One on One Health Consults With Jason Yun

    If you’re tired of not knowing what to do with your health but have no clue what to do or where to start then this is for you.

    Let Jason Yun guide you through the world of REAL health. It is not food and exercise. Circadian biology is the number one factor for health. Food/exercise cannot fix a broken circadian mechanism.

    The FDA, USDA, Government, personal trainers, nutritionists, Health professionals and the internet have lied to us long enough.

    Jason Yun considers himself a former fitness & nutrition guru who has now focused his efforts to becoming a light guru. Yun has been following the work of Dr. Jack Kruse and been a full fledged Mitochondriac/Biohacker since 9/28/2018. He has authored the 34-day light challenge and 47-day ketogenic diet challenge. Is the host of the Improvement Warrior Podcast. Is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) and personal trainer (NSCA-CPT) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA); Certified Youth Fitness Specialist (YFS(1) and Youth SPeed & Agility Specialist (YSAS through the International Youth & Conditioning Association (IYCA); Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN); he has earned several other certifications as well.

    Please note: I am not a doctor. My goal is to make you healthy so you never need one.

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    Protocol for INITIAL call:

    • Purchase Health Consult
    • Health questionnaire will be emailed for you to fill out
    • Set up call time 
    • Figure out goals/what’s wrong/how to fix/etc….
    • Yun assigns health ‘homework’
    • Yun adds you to accountability group on Facebook (unlimited questions can be asked)
    • 1-2 weeks later back on phone for follow up for any questions over any ‘homework’ assigned (If needed)
    • If you need another consult can be set up down the road. Recomended quarterly or bi-annually.


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