• Quick Workout- Get it in- No Excuses- New Albany Strength Coach

    Quick Workout- Get it in- No Excuses- New Albany Strength Coach

    Happy Tuesday to you!

    I got a real quick workout in yesterday.

    It wasn't the full workout I wanted to get in but I always make sure I get some form of strength training in on Monday. Because for me and most other people that is the start of the week. If you start the week making excuses and skipping things like workouts that you know you should be doing then that creeps into our pshyche. No thank you!

    The workout I did after a quick 4 minute warm-up was 

    • 5 sets of 5 pullups with an added 17.6 pounds (8kg)
    • Then a set of body weight pullups at 9, 7, and 2 sets of 5
    • Then over the course of my next 2 classes I did one super pullup for a total of probably 8 reps. Super pullup I pull up to my stomach rather then chin.

    All toll the regular sets probably took 15-17 minutes with the warm-up.

    Monday is my super busy day, especially now since we are training some new people to become coaches with our programs. If you know any qualified people send them my way 😉

    However, that is life. You got to focus on you. Because if you become soft and weak in body and mind then that takes a toll slowly overtime until one day you don't even recognize who you are. 

    It also plays a role with my kids. I want them to see the strongest version of me, so they can become the strongest version of themselves. 

    Little things matter. What you consistently do you become. Make sure you are becoming better and not worse, or excuse making.

    Have an awesome day!

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