• Protons and Electrons | Disease and Health

    Protons and Electrons | Disease and Health

    First full day back in Columbus. 16-17 hours in the car not fun, especially for the back 🙁 But according to my D Minder App I raised my Vitamin D levels 22 points while in FL. Have you downloaded D Minder?

    Wanted to share with you today a very importat point the the things that make us up.

    Protons and electrons. It's where we get the information for our cells and the energy. It ‘tells' the cells what to do.

    Any person with any disease–autoimmunity (12-15% of population), fat (75%+ USA), recurring headaches, skin issues, etc…….even pain in certain areas–like back pain…..- it means too many protons have built up and you are losing too many electrons.

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    Life should be considered a game everyday of collecting electrons. If the balance gets thrown off to where protons exceed electrons than inflammation will occur, or cell chaos, or cell swelling. Protons have 1852 times the mass of an electron, so an electron is basically free energy and information to the body. Protons give energy/info as well but it comes with a cost.

    Let's take diabetes and obesity as an example…..anyone who is overweight is techincally pre-diabetic (insulin resistant, leptin resitant, at least a couple markers of metabolic syndrome if not all 5….they say 78% of all Covid deaths/hospitilzations are due to overweightness or being fat….call it what it is.)
    Most diabetics DO NOT

    1. Ground (feet plugged into earth)
    2. Get lots of sunshine (Sunrise, early AM, and PM most important to build solar callus to be able to absorb more UV light when sun is strongest without burning. All living cells release ELF UV light, the sicker someone is the more they release, that light must be replaced or sickness gets worse)
    3. Eat seafood (DHA , iodine, other brain nutrients, and Astaxanthin (natural sunscreen-especially in shellfish)
    4. Get cold (cold baths, cold swims, cold showers, cold air)
    5. Drink unfluoridated, cold water
    6. Mitigate Electro-Pollution in their environment.
    7. Block blue light indoors or alter their light environment indoors (light is also electro-pollution).

    Off the top of my head those are probably the best ways to gain or not lose electrons to your environment. Now that can be diabetics or any disease……lack of energy I consider a disease ecause electrons carry light within them that carries information & ENERGY for the cells.

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    If you want to reverse any disease than do what's on that list.
    And remember–all electrons ultimate goal is to go through electron chain transport to reduce to oxygen. All diseases and ultimately death are a form of oxygen deprivation! Anybody depriving their oxygen levels out there with anything 😉

    Some do it unconsciously by mouth breathing. It is said with every (Correct) breath we take we take in 25 Sextillion (1 million to 6th power) molecules. There are approximately 2-10 sextillion grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. Amazing to even think about.

    If you need help getting started then check out either my 34-day light challenge or the mitochondriac guide below.


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