• Phases of Training and Expectations- IWF Coaches Only Access


    Attention, Intern!

    This is the first part of your internship. This site will guide you through the internship process. Which hopefully for you, will lead to a coaching position with us.


    This process is in place to find the best of the best. Whether you are a coach or in sales/marketing.

    be the best

    Is it you?

    We will find out!

    Stay strong, Stay Positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

    Jason Yun CEO Yun Strength & Fitness Systems, LLC



    Part 1: Coach Intern Process

    All applicants need to go through our training process.

    Understand we will throw you into our business ASAP. You want to learn? There is no better way then in the trenches.

    Download the Intern/Coach Process below:

    internship:Training program YSFS 

    This pdf will be your training guide for the fitness internship.

    If you are a marketing intern there is a separate process that will be discussed in your interview.


    Part 2- Coach's Responsibilities and Training Schedule

    First and foremost, when you step into any of our facilities or a client's home or meet with them for coffee or lunch, understand that you are not their ‘trainer' or their ‘personal trainer', or their ‘bootcamp instructor'. YOU ARE A COACH. Coaches help people get better. This is Improvement Warrior Fitness, not some generic big box gym. You are not a rep counter  or ‘cool exercise' dude or dudette. You coach people to Improvement.

    Coach's Responsibilities (fitness adult and/or youth):

    • Your position is the the most important in the company. If they don't like you— they are not going to come back!
    • Motivate! Standing around and being quiet is not allowed and is unacceptable. We want it to be an experience. We want to our studios or you as their Coach to be their 3rd place. Home, work, IWF! If you are not able to motivate and bring the energy everyday, then stop reading from this point on. Don't waste our time, don't waste our clients, don't waste yours! Make the F.L.Os (i.e workout) the best part of their day!
    • Lead- You are the expert when you are in front of our clients. They expect you to know what you are doing. If you don't, fake it as best you can until you are able to do. Do your homework, know the exercises, know the regressions, know the progressions, know the correctives, know the red lights, know everything. If you do not know, the head coaches will know and will deem that as a lack of preparation. “Fail to prepare is planning to fail”, coaches at IWF Rise up they don't fail. Failure to prepare is disrespectful to us and the IWF clients and will result in immediate termination of your internship.
    • Make it feel like Improvement Warrior Fitness, not some crappy, generic gym class, or bootcamp.
    • Smile. Nobody likes a sour-puss at IWF.
    • Service first. Client is #1 priority.
    • Make others smile.
    • You are being judged during your internship with us on your ability to learn our system of training; correct form; interact with clients; lead training sessions; motivation; energy; among other things. Everything you say to a head coach at IWF has a determining factor and more importantly everything you do has a determining factor on whether or not we hire you as a coach.

    Training Phases and Description:

    people exercising

    • Training length will be determined by your schedule, our coaches schedule, and your ability to learn and impress us with your coaching and people skills. 
    • Everything you are expected to know as a coach with us is in the PDF in PART 1. Download it and go through it and make sure you are 100% capable mastery. If not find a new internship and good luck to you.
    • Marketing interns your phases of training will be described in the interview- Part 3.
    • All interns have the potential to be hired on as a regular if requirements are met.


    Part 3- Schedule your interview.

    By now you have read through everything above. And you understand what we are looking for and if you are a good fit or not. You can obviously see that we are about quality coaching, and we will not settle for less.

    So if you think you have what it takes and are ready to start the internship process, please email or call to schedule an interview with owner Jason Yun.

    jasonyun@improvementwarriorfitness.com | 614-304-1426

    Please provide at least 48 hours before the first time selected and provide a minimum of 3 other times and days as Yun's schedule fills up quickly.

    Thank you for your interest in Yun Strength and Fitness Systems Coaching & Marketing Internship program.

    Stay strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior!