• Phase 6 Announcements- Hilliard & Columbus Strength Training

    Phase 6 Announcements- Hilliard & Columbus Strength Training

    Phase 6 2016 Announcements 6/27/16- 7/22/16

    Welcome to Phase 6!

    This is week TRANSITION WEEK!  7/25-7/30/16

    Transition Week Schedule:

    Monday 7/25—
    IWF H- 530 and 630 pm
    Wednesday 7/27
    IWF H- 515 and 600 am
    IWF H 945  
    Saturday 7/30—  Dexter Falls Park— 5091 Dexter Falls Rd.
    Jim  @ 900 am
    IWF @ 1000 am

    8/13 Saturday our FitRanX  Assessment Week! New Format see below

    Please remember that our COMPLETE class schedule for all classes is located here:


    In this issue:
    1. 4th Annual Paleo Challenge Starts this tomorrow 
    2. Improvement Digest Attached
    3.  Fitranx: Congrats and new format coming soon.
    4. Own Your Life Workshop —
    5. Experience Isagenix
    6. Mobilizations, new strength circuits, new metcons for this PHASE: April-June Calendar is up.
    7. Specialty Saturday Classes Schedule for May/June 2016
    8. Check out our Partnership with Endocrinologist, Lane Avenue Chiropractic and Drayer Physical Therapy- Check out their bumps and bruises program.

    Quote of the Week:

    Week 1 Quote

    Hilliard strength & fitness coaches


    Week 2 Quote

    Columbus Ohio gym and personal trainers

    Week 3 Quote

    Hilliard and Columbus and Dublin Strength Training

    Week 4 Quote

    Columbus, Oh fitness and strength training

    1. 4th Annual Paleo Challenge

    primal eating columbus nutrition challenge

    It’s back after a two year hiatus.

    You probably saw our keto challenges and cleanse challenges, but this was the one that started my true health journey back in January 2011. It’s by the far the easiest to get started with and implement into your life.

    It will start on July 25 and go for 30-days.

    Click here for more information and to register

    lose weight with the paleo diet, look better naked hilliard, columbus

    Our 2nd winner Kurt

    2. Improvement Digest

    Every phase we will be coming out with an educational piece that can help you become the strongest version of yourself.

    We will have these as handouts at the studios and also attached here.

    The first one tackles the question of WHY we STRENGTH train over simply work out.

    strength training vs. workout (right click and save as)

    4. FitRanX-

    We will be introducing a new FitRanX format this phase. Stay tuned. Nothing but excitingness coming!

    Fitranx  scheduling for this phase will be announced soon here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dst83qlm5eNc91mzNwQaaQNrQAvbgJRWfwyOQzY4NVI/edit?usp=sharing

    Congrats to those who leveled up and those earning points. We will have the list added soon. 

    You can see some of the pictures we posted here: 

    Leveling Up:

      1. . Sri V – Level 3
        2. Andrea A – Level 2
        3. Shirley Metata- Level 2
        4. Venketta G- Level 2
        5. Soham-Level 1
        6. Seveon Steward-Level 1
        7. AJ Snyder-Level 1
        8. Sergio A- Level 1
        9. Ajay K- Level 1
        10.Rajesh- Level 1
        11. Harsha- Level 1
        12. Hima- Level 1
        13. KAryn  – Level 1
        14. Shannon – Level 1

    Earning Points- 21 possible

      1. 1. Starla B Level 4- 15.17/21
        2. Kaitlin Level 4- 10.51/21
        3. Jen C Level 3-18.67/21
        4. Jackson Gunn Level 3-15.17/21
        5. Arvind Kumar Level 3- 14.59/21
        6. Arianna Murray Level 2- 18.67/21
        7. Sri U Level 2 – 16.34/21
        8. Koby Bartemar Level 2 – 15.17/21
        9. Logan Henry Level 2 – 10.51/21
        10.Chase Smith Level  1 – 19.25/21
        11.Van Johnson Level  1 – 18.67/21
        12.Gabriella Murray Level  1 – 18.67/21
        13.Sudheer Reddy Level  1 – 18.67/21
        14.Jake Johnson Level  1 – 16.34/21
        15.Al Hassan Elhadi Level  1 – 16.34/21
        16.Sunni B Level  1 – Level  1 13.42/21
        17.Shzareh Level  1 – Level  1 7.01/21

    Information page here for FitRanx:


    3. Own Your Life Workshop- Date: August date: Sunday 8.21.16 @ 630 pm


    What If You Lived Your Whole Life Only To Realize



    If your life is the exact same 6 months from now or a year from now– Are You Ok With That?


    Are you living how you want to live or are you letting life dictate how you live?


    What You Will Receive By Attending:

    • New Positive Mindset and Mind Files 
    • Discover your Purpose, Your Vision, next action steps for truly Owning Your Life!
    • Healing the wounds of your story | Start Your “Hero’s Journey’ (New Story)
    • Create Rules and Systems that govern your life rather than going by how you feel or old negative habits 
    • Find a new opportunity, career, vocation, passion
    • Learn why you need multiple streams of income to get out of the rat race
    • Learn why nutrition and exercise is vital to building, maintaining a positive mindset
    • Learn the things that transform you and the things that keep you average

    Check it out: Upcoming workshops this week, March and April 

    Own Your Life Workshop Hilliard, Ohio


     6. Experience Isagenix- Dates: August date coming soon

    This changed my life and my family’s life forever! An it could change yours. It helped me find my abs and keep them since 2013 šŸ™‚

    All you need to do is register for this life changing event and show up; we’ll provide the education that will re-shape your body and life forever!

    You Will Learn How To…………
    • Cleanse Harmful Toxins and Impurities From Your System
    • Safely Lose Unwanted Pounds an Inches
    • Replenish Youthful Energy Levels
    • How To Get Your Products Paid For
    • Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle 
    • Naturally Reduce Cravings and Appetite
    • Which Transformation Challenge Is Best For You & How To Enter


    Experience Isagenix




    7. Mobilizations, New Metcons,  Strength Circuits 

    A new phase of mobilizations will be coming in July.

    We have 4 new Mobilizations for Quarter #2 2016: Watch on Youtube or below and these will be posted on the Customer Hub member only portal.

    We have 8 new Metcons: View them Here

    We have 5 new strength circuits: View them here:

    We have a new calendar of training (July-September) you can download it here. It will also be emailed to you.

    word doc icon

    Program IWF July-September 2016




    Important Videos To Watch, Understand, Implement

    1. –The Hip Torque video is HERE!—


    This video goes over how to apply stability and torque into the hips when we do a lower body exercise like squats, deadlifts, swings, etc……https://improvementwarriorfitness.com/torque1/
    Please watch if you have not yet and practice while I take you though it.

    2.—- Torque video is up for the SHOULDER. Please watch. This video explains why it’s so important to create stability in the shoulders. Pushups is the focus here, but if you know how to create torque in your shoulders during the pushup then you know how to do it with every upper body exercise.


    3.—— Mobilization Playlist- This is our first mobilization playlist. Remember no more foam rolling before class, instead we will be doing mobilizations to restore mobility and suppleness to your body and joints and muscles. Foam rolling and mobilizations can be done after the F.L.Os and at home or office. Home and office is highly recommended.

    Here is the playlist for all of our mobilizations for this phase:


    8. Saturday Specialty Themed Classes


    IWF Themed FLO Saturday Workout:

    Register here (first class is free): https://improvementwarriorfitness.com/services/saturday-improvement-training-improvement-warrior-fitness-hilliard-columbus

    1. July 2016 Classes- All classes at 900 am unless stated below.

      • 7/30/16 -FREE Saturday Improvement Training

        10 am- 11 am @ Dexter Falls Park (weather permitting)


    All at the Hilliard studio- 4601 Leap Ct, Hilliard, OH 43026 | 614-304-1426 | JasonYun@improvementwarriorfitness.com

    Your first themed FLO is free- register here:


    8. New Partners— NEW- endocrinologist, Chiropractor and Physical Therapy


    We have partnered with an endocrinologist!


    We at Improvement Warrior Fitness and Athletic Revolution-Hilliard are super excited to add this partner to our team. I visited her a couple weeks ago because I had heard that she is not average doctor and truly believes in a holistic approach to nutrition, health and fitness; much like IWF and AR are as well.


    Some of you may be asking what is an endocrinologist do?


    An endocrinologist is a medical specialist that focuses on the systems of the body that are managed by hormones.


    If hormones are out of whack then ultimate health is impossible. Weight loss and fat loss will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. And performance in workouts, games, practices, and even life will be off.


    Here is Dr. Elena’s website and introduction letter: If you have any questions please contact her.



    (614) 453-9999


    By Dr. Elena A. Christofides, MD FACE


    My Mom tells the story that ever since I could talk I told people that I wanted to be a doctor. Whether it was true or just became true over time, here I am. I entered medical school at the age of 21 thinking I had it all figured out. All I wanted was to be the best patient care advocate I could be and I was going to spend the next 4 years learning how to do that. Turns out having a good heart wasn’t enough, it was everything. I’d grown up on TV images of the family doctor sitting at the patient’s bedside to deliver news – bad or good. What always impressed me was how much a part of the family doctor seemed. The doctor was respected for their kindness as well as their intellect.


    My family came to the states when my Dad got the one and only annual scholarship for our country.


    Despite a grueling work schedule and language barriers, my parents both took on extra work to support the family. From them I learned that success is created through sweat and lots of hard work. 16 years into my private practice I can safely say I couldn’t be happier with my decisions to apply my family’s lessons.


    I created a boutique practice to serve the needs of my patients. I love being part of my patient’s lives, their children and sometimes I’m honored enough to have their grandchildren as my patients as well. Endocrinology is one of those medical specialties that often involves multiple generations. What has been the most rewarding for me is the opportunity to affect positive change in later generations after we see and treat disease in older population. Taking the lessons that the older patients teach me about their disease as we apply them to the next generation in their family is literally how I spend my days. Moving from room to room, everything they tell me builds onto the next patient and the next and the next. So whether I’m dealing with a simple thyroid case or a complex research patient, I think I have the best job in the world!


    #1- New partnership with a local Columbus Chiropractor: Lane Avenue Chiropractic

    I met with Dr. Jay and our visions matched perfectly.

    We want to bring to you the best options of health and injury prevention/repair. Whether that pain has been recurring for a while or just started it still is pain and that is an indication that something is wrong.

    If you don’t take care of it, the pain will eventually get worse or even require surgery. Plus, you don’t have to live with pain.

    The body tells you when things are wrong. It’s smart šŸ™‚

    That’s why we recommend foam/lacrosse ball rolling every day. And are starting the Improvement Boards.

    The body is a complex machine, if you take it to the limit every day and don’t take care of it, then it will break down eventually.

    And that is why we are teaming up with Dr. Jay Villella and his staff at Lane Avenue Chiropractic. He will be one of our partners that we send people to when the body does break down, but also more importantly we hope you will take advantage of him and his staff BEFORE your body breaks down.

    Myself and the coaches at IWF will also help to prevent the breakdown as well. You just got one body and it needs to last and be strong!

    He also does some blood testing and massage.

    You can check out his website here: http://laneavechiro.com/

    #2—  We have partnered with Craig Wellman of Drayer Physical Therapy.

    They offer a free screening for their ‘bumps and bruises’ program. So if you aches, pain, bumps, bruises that won’t go away, nagging injuries that you think are just part of life—– then have it checked it out.

    Remember pain is not normal, it’s your bodies way of telling you something is wrong. The body can heal šŸ™‚

    They work with young children all the way up to seniors.

    Let them know IWF sent you if you go. Here is the link to their flyer and contact information: They are in Hilliard and Grove City





    Know Somebody Who Wants to get started with their training with us?

    Improvement Warrior Fitness Adult Strength & Conditioning: 2-week Complimentary Trial | 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Trial $21 | 47-Day Ketogenic Challenge Trial $47

    Athletic Revolution-Hilliard- Youth Sports & Fitness Training (8 & up) (new website will open)

    Nutrition Help: 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge | 30-Day Cleanse Challenge | 21-Day Sugar Detox Challenge |

    Health, Fitness, nutrition information- Fill out your name and email below to join our newsletter

    Not doing anything is not an option!


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