• Overslept- Morning Sun Routine

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    Morning Jason

    Hope your day is starting off awesomely strong.

    Got a late start to the day today.

    Didn't wake up until 701 this morning.

    Sunrise was 616 am.

    I got a new alarm clock that has really helped me, but it doesn't have a snooze so I turned it off and then slept through all 6 of my phones alarms.

    The alarm clock will wake up the dead, plus NO BLUE LIGHT or plugs

    It's a peakeep for heavy sleepers. Highly recommend. Because you definitely don't want to wake up and look into a LED display especially if that display isn't red. That is a major circadian mismatch. The more mismatches we have the faster disease presents itself.


    Anyway I still got out to do my morning sun rountine with my son and one dog.

    But my regular routine is to be outside within 10 minutes of sun rising. Then about 20-30 minutes walk over to our sun spot and do about 10-20 minutes with as much skin showing as possible (we have photo receptors all over our skin (melanopsin)— and that is why you have to have SKIN IN THE GAME to reverse any disease), and obviously nothing covering my eyes (no contacts, glasses, sunglasses).

    I had Lasix in college which I learned is not the wisest thing to do, but apparently my surgeon had a good day that day because I don't see any halos around light at night. Some people not so lucky.

    Plus I have been doing my morning sun routine since September 2018.

    So I got about 10 minutes this morning at our sun spot then went on a walk without my shirt on for about another 20 minutes soaking up those rays…….. it was cloudy so sun wasn't showing but cloudy days you are absorbing way more red light (42% of all sunlight that falls to earth is in the red/infrared spectrum).

    Think of cloudy days as Nature's Free Infrared Sauna. Red light is the best way to build a sollar callus to absorb more UV light when it is out (which is super important for raising your vitamin D levels).

    I did get a lot of sun (20K IU of citamin D) yesterday, so I did sleep like a baby 😉

    Our 4 most important surfaces are the 1. Eyes 2. Skin 3. Gut 4. Lungs in terms of getting sunshine on them.


    Melatonin is first created in the morning sunlight. Along with a host of other things happening. Melatonin has been proven to control mitochondrial DNA, which in terms of our health is much more impactful on our overall health then the genetic DNA.

    Taking melatonin supplements is a good way to wreck your natural production of it.

    Mitchondria is the powerhouse of the cell which everybody should of learned in 3rd grade, but it also is basaically an environmental sensor on a nanosecond to nanosecond basis.

    So if things are not going right with your health, it usually has something to do with your mitochondria not functioning at 100% optimal.

    So I consider myself to losing my streak of sunrises today. Even though I was out before UV showed up. That is another important point. It will change on your lattitude but where I live at the 40th it usually is about 75-85 minutes right now. It is at the tail end of when the sun's inclination hits 16 degrees.

    But when it first rises is most important, even if you cannot see it, just stare in it's direction or at the sky in that direction because the sun and nature are non-linear…….it just takes a small aplification to create a massive stimulus in the body…. it's why I always open a window around me……let that sunlight in!

    Down below is a video I did going over the routine.

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