• Nutrition Choices Before Your Workout

    pre-workout meal can fuel you to fat loss success
    So you want some ideas on what to eat before a workout, eh?
    There are a lot of things that you could eat, but are they going to fuel you or empty your tank?
    Pre-workout nutrition will also depend on what time of the day you are working out— Early early morning you can't get a full meal in you. Later in the day you can.
    But below is a list that you can use to create your perfect pre-workout meal. (Don't worry I'll cover post-workout soon)

    Pre-Workout Ideas:

    • Smoothie- Very easy to do the night before and grab on the go. Nowadays for my protein I just do raw eggs, or throw a couple of cans of sardines in but I realize most people won't 🙂 So I would recommend a whey protein or meal replacement powder with no added junk.
    • Hard or soft boiled egg with a veggie or fruit- Another very easy on the go meal. Fruit make sure it is in-season, otherwise it will make you fat and sick (circadian biology 101)
    • Cottage cheese- Full fat on this one (raw if you can get it). I can't stand this and haven't eaten in almost a decade. Just make sure dairy isn't an issue for you.
    • Sugar free, full fat yogurt (greek perferred)- Fat is good for you!
    • Meal Replacement Shakes- Recommend Isalean or Isapro. Or a plant based meal replacement.
    • Handful of nuts- Most nuts except peanuts or cashews (they aren't really nuts)
    • Protein bars- These are very hard. Usually they are candy bars in disguise. AVOID anything with soy protein (especially you guys). Isalean bars is what my daughter loves. Lara or the ALT bars, or a natural health food store will have options, just read the ingredients. Or check out my homemade paleo bars.
    • Nut butter with veggies. Almond is my fave


    Now what I don't suggest is eating plain old cereal. I used to do it for years. We call our workouts F.L.Os for Fat Loss Opportunity. Eating cereal is a good way to keep and put on body fat. Which 99% of my clients don't want to do. Even if it is claimed as ‘healthy' cereal— there is no such thing. The grains are processed and enriched with synthetic vitamins. Somethings we just don't want in our body. Those vitamins don't get processed, your liver is smarter then that.

    Plus you never want to eat grains- EVER!


    Cereal was one of the hardest things for me to give up. I used to on this site eat 2-3 boxes of Cheerios a week. eating grains can make you fat especially cheerios


    Now the liquid you want to use for your smoothies is either water, coconut milk (full fat), almond milk, or raw milk. Try and avoid pasteurized milk, especially if it isn't whole milk. Skim milk is just like drinking sugar water. A2 milk is no better if it is pasturized.


    You will hear me talk about low fat and full fat a lot. Low fat eating was recommended for decades, but in my opinion and the opinion of all the top nutritionists it's a good way to get unhealthy and add body fat. Something I'm sure you don't want to do.


    Now I'll be back with some post workout nutrition later. But if you have questions please let me know. Also if you have a pre-workout meal or snack that you like to go to please let me know.



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