• It Ain’t About Food & Exercise Folks | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 21

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    It Ain't About Food & Exercise Folks | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 21

    In Improvement Warrior POdcast episode #21 I did a webinar for some employees at Salesforce. I present just some of the alternate points of health other than fitness and nutrition. I only had a 1/2 hour so I had to get in what I could. 
    Some of the key talking points in Episode #21
    1. The Old Rules of Nutrition and why you need to STOP following them
    2. The new rules of nutrition and why you need to START following them
    3. The secret every gym and personal trainer do not want you to know.
    4. Why you should not workout if you are overweight.
    5. Why nobody has a weight problem…..what they really have
    6. Why and how our circadian rhythm dictates our days
    7. When will the diseases start to show up and what is the FIRST Sign that something is not right.
    8. Why DHA is the most important nutrient you need to eat for health.
    9. Energy is life. Electrons are free energy. Are you gaining or losing them?
    10. Why taking vitamin d actualy hurts you in the long run.
    11. Why sunrise is the most important thing for health
    12. What is a solar callus
    13. What is the best exercise program to follow
    14. Why you never want to wear sunglasses
    15. Coffee drinker? What to do?
    16. How much water am I supposed to drink per day?
    17. What is the things that will cause you to want to drink more water.
    Show notes and resources available at https://www.improvementwarriorfitness.com/notaboutfood
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    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #21: It Ain't About Food or Exercise Folks


      1. Yun recommends page
      2. 34-Day Light Challenge
      3. 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge
      4. Mindtamer
      5. LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts
      6. Improvement Warrior Fitness (Adults) & Improvement Warrior Athlete (youth) strength and fitness training in New Albany, Ohio
      7. Blueblockers and Light Partners:
        1. All blueblocking and light related items and discount codes can be found here.
      8. Books Mentioned:
        1. Arthur Firstenberg: The Invisible Rainbow
        2. Elizabeth Kolbert: the 6th Extinction: https://amzn.to/2ZavNCQ
      9. Podcasts
          1. Vitamin D Podcast-How we make it
      10. Defendershield
      11. Webinars: Improvement Warrior University
        1. Improvement Warrior University: https://if100.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=176
        2. The Leptin Webinars
        3. The Blue Light Webinars
        4. EMF Webinar
      12. Download the D Minder App on your PHONE


    How to turn your phone red (Iphone in description)

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    Memes from Episode


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