• Not Your Strongest Everyday- Jason Yun Online Workouts

    Not Your Strongest Everyday- Jason Yun Online Workouts

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    Some days you have and some days you don't.

    The thing is you show up on the days you do.

    And you show up on the days you don't.

    Because you never know WHO is going to show up.

    On Thursday evening to Friday morning, less then 12 hours a part, I set 5 new PR's (personal records- are you tracking your PR's? Check out IWOT).

    First time in my life I benched over 200. Box squat, 1-hand row, 20-rep swings, and dynamic effort deadlifts were the other PR's.

    I never know when a good or ‘bad' day will occur.

    However my belief is if I get my workout in it is never a BAD DAY no matter how I perform because I know that more then 75% of the world is sitting on thier asses not doing anything but making their body, strength, mindset, and health worse.

    Jason Yun online trainer and fitness

    Basically just moving a little closer to death.

    Because that is how we move closer to it by our choices.

    Then on Sunday came the other day.

    I could only do 2 sets of 1 rep on handstand pushups. Overhead squats I got 4 for 85 pounds, but it felt like an absolute max set with only about 65-70% of my max.

    Usually when my body says something like that to me I shut the exercises down early. I was supposed to get 5 sets of both in and only did 2.

    BUt I finished the workout with some conditioning. I performed my first ever 5:00 snatch test with the 28 kg kettlebell. Only got 60, but got to start somewhere. If you have never done the 5:00 snatch test I believe it is one of the best conditioning tests anywhere. Snatches and burpees probably the 2 best exercises for conditioning.

    And remember I don't do ‘cardio'. Cardio makes you fat and weak. Even science says so, check out this post. And that is why I do conditioning becaue conditioning will get you in shape fast, as long as you are doing the right exercises.

    Then I finished SUnday's workout with some heavy bag punching and kicking.

    Going into Sunday I felt no different then I did on the 2 workouts I hit those PR's.

    But it is just like anything you don't know until you do.

    You just show up and do it.

    Adjust as needed.

    Adjust as needed. That is especially important for people with injuries. And it is my belief that the longer you don't workout the more injury prone you will get, especially in this 5G, blue lit, microwave world. If you are not working out and you are at least 30 you have osteoporosis or osteopenia or the beginning signs of it. And yes technology and blue light have a lot to do with bone health.

    If you are injured you simply work around the injury. Simple. Now there are catastropic injuries involving the spine or neck, or you lose an arm—-those are different. Oh I hurt my wrist, I hurt my knee……that's less then 5% of your body. How long has the injury been there? What have you been doing to get rid of it?

    I hurt my ankle a couple weeks ago:

    Been doing the voodoo wrap and applying CBD oil, essential oils, and pain cream. And then lacrosse ball rolling.

    Pain is an indication something is wrong. Take care of it immediatly or it will affect you down the road. Usually in a major way.

    That leads us back to choices.

    We make choices everyday. Some good good, some bad. However, when it comes to our health we need to take action NOW. Not later. because if it is later then there will be a person stuck in their ways and changing those ways will be hard.

    Most will start-stop=start-stop and the pattern will continue and health will decline.

    Consistency is more important then anything.

    You never make massive changes overnight.

    You can't get strong with one workout every other week.

    Stay the course with your health.

    If you need help let me know.

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