• Morning Sun- The Key To Optimal Health

    Morning Sunrise- The Key To Optimal Health

    Reset your circadian rhythm– The light ?to the eyes ?? Part 1

    The light ?to the eyes ?? The most important part of any human beings day. Reset your circadian rhythm (13 pillars of health webinar)

    Morning sun is super simple and it is free. Morning sun first rises and up until about 90 or so minutes there is no UVA light. So you can look and stare directly at it- no glasses, contacts, or sunglasses allowed– otherwise you are wasting your time.

    Your circadian biology is the #1 thing behind your health. Morning sun is the #1 and best way to reset our circadian biology. It basically turns the hormone factory on in our body……. the correct hormones. If we get too many circadian mismatches then that is when the wrong hormones get turned on.

    I usually do this at home with my shirt off and pants pulled up because our skin is super important too. You need skin in the game. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. And if all we get is artificial light on our skin then you are asking for a disease. Where ever you have issues– liver, thyroid, gut, or just extra abdominal fat you want that in the sun– so it gets the full spectrum of light on it. The most important spectrums are UV- Ultra Violet and IR- Infrared– both of those our eyes cannot see but our body, our cells, our mitochondria can feel. And it's done that way by design– you can't out smart Mother Nature.

    sunlight and circadian biology jason yun

    2nd session morning ?? through the ? and skin. With the kids.

    UV showed up 95 minutes after sunrise. I live at the 40th latitude.

    One of the best ways to build up a solar callus is to get out with morning sun or sunset when UV is 0 or very low 1-3.

    Unfortunately what a lot of people do is they go out when the UV is the strongest and wonder they get burned or the sun gets a bad name or causes cancer or melanoma.

    The sun is just like fitness and strength. You can just magically squat 300 pounds. You have to build up. Much like you have to with the sun.
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    hilliard sunshine through the eye for DHA


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