• Let's Talk About Intensity

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    Let's Talk About Intensity

    Hey! What's up? It's Jason Yun. Yun Strength and Fitness Systems, lbnonlinefitness.com. Welcome, I'm in my home office I wanted to make a quick video for you in regards to workout intensity. I made this video before but the sound quality was pretty bad so I wanted to do this. Later on I'm going to show you a difference between an exercise, mountain climbers, like the difference in intensity between a ten second interval and a sixty second interval. I'll show that to you, it's pretty interesting, pretty cool.

    Intensity, it's the number one factor when it comes to changing your body in regards to an exercise program in the workout side. Nutrition would play a big part in it as well but intensity is going to change your body, it's going to add more strength, it's going to increase your endurance, increase your strength, increase your metabolism the fastest. If it's not hard enough, or not hard for you, you're not putting in enough intensity.

    The way we run our “bootcamps,” our large group trainings, is with about 95% of our stuff on intervals. For intervals, you do something for a certain amount of time, rest, and then do it again. For that interval, you are going as hard as you can, trying to get as much work in in that set or interval as you can, with good form of course.

    There is different ways that you can increase intensity. You can do more in less time. The way we do it for body weight exercise, that's probably the number one way that you can do it, it's doing more reps in less time. So, say you can do 15 pushups in 30 seconds and then as you get stronger, maybe a month or two down the road you can do 25 pushups or 27 or 30 pushups in 30 seconds. That's the way you can do it.

    Adding more weight is another one and adding work time. So, instead of doing 30 second intervals you can try and do 60 seconds and you can try and double your reps. Or you can reduce the rest time. So, 20 seconds rest, maybe now you do 10 seconds of rest. And also tempo variations is another way you can increase intensity. If you're doing an overhead press like that you can try doing it slow with the same amount of weight, but this way you're going to feel it a lot more and every single muscle is going to be firing that way. So that is another way you can increase intensity.

    there are a whole bunch of other ways but I wanted to show you something here real quick that compares the mountain climber, 10 second mountain climber to a 60 second mountain climber. No interval should be easy. If it's a 30 second interval if it's a 20 second interval if it's a 10 second interval if it's a 90 second interval, it should be hard and you should be pushing to your full capacity. That's the only way we get better, that's by pushing ourselves. so let me show you that video real quick and a couple comments. Take a look.

    Video of Jason doing a 10 second mountain climber very fast/high intensity.
    Jason: Alright, so that was 10 seconds and I'm gassed at 10 seconds. For that 10 seconds, super short, you're pushing as hard as you can. I couldn't have gone another 5 seconds like that without having to slow down.

    Video of Jason doing a 60 second mountain climber at slower/moderate speed
    Side by Side Comparison video

    Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below. What do you do to increase intensity?