• True Health Thursday-Calories & Toxins Hilliard

    Jason Yun Improvement Warrior intermittent fasting nutritionist

    True Health Thursday- October 18th, 2018– 735 pm

    Intermittent Fasting and Fasting

    Diet Trend? Or the Key To Health & Longevity?

    Don't worry. I felt just the same when I first heard about this.

    Not eating?

    It's backed by science, built into our genetic code, and has centuries of proven use.

    I'm not sure if this is for you or not, but we will be covering everything about intermittent fasting and fasting including how NOT to do it and why people fail at any nutritional protocol/diet.

    Hilliard Nutrition Transformation Jason Yun Fasting


    This Nutritional Talk will cover a whole lot of information to get you healthy, get your energy back, and get your body back!

    Come Prepared with Questions. 


    How Open Minded Are You?  Intermittent Fasting and Fasting is not new, but a lot of the information that will be presented will go against everything you've heard from traditional trainers, dietitians, nutritionist, doctors, etc…..

    screenshot-2016-10-05-15-47-36Detox the body and cleanse the toxins out

    Or if you can't wait for our next event or cannot make it please contact us for questions!

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