• The Science of Detoxing & Controlling Your Blood Sugar Levels



    Food and health industry don't care about you


    The Science of Detoxing & Controlling Your Blood Sugar




    Discover The Ultimate Secrets of Nutrition That The USDA &


    Health Organizations Doesn't Want You To Know, That Will


    Help To Release The Fat, Toxins, Weight, And Inches


    What is it?

    This nutrition seminar is going to change the way you think about nutrition.
    The owner of Improvement Warrior Fitness, Jason Yun, along with Nutrition Guru, Jill Scott, are  going to share with you a nutrition and detoxification plan that is super simple to follow and will unleash the unwanted inches, pounds, and body fat that keeps most people frustrated year in and year out.

    • What is causing you to not have the body of dreams?
    • What to do about it!
    • How to get rid of the cravings for………. Sugar, Chips, Pizza, Bread, Candy, etc……..
    • How to never, ever, ever speak or think of the D-Word again
    • Why the Food Pyramid sucks and the Food Companies are trying to make you fat and sick
    • The differences between different eating plans– Paleo, Primal, Ketogenic, Low carb, High Carb, low fat, etc……..
    • Open questions at the end. So come prepared!




    Do your best to watch the entire presentation! Don't put it off! Action gets the body you want!

    Something is not working with nutrition and the information out there for nutrition.
    This free nutrition seminar is going to help to set the record straight and will be the kick-off for our 2nd annual cleanse challenge. 
    Do your best to attend. Spread the word. And fix your health, body and life.
    You know I am not about simply eating grilled chicken and steamed broccoli everyday- six times a day. So you know this is going to be a power packed informational Juggernaut of a seminar with my co-host Jill. 

    Jason Yun and Jill Scott Talk on Nutrition and Detoxing

    Watch the REPLAY below! Share with your friends, family, co-workers. This information is life changing!

    Join the Cleanse Challenge:

    30-Day Cleanse Challenge

    9-Day Cleanse Challenge

    Isabody Challenge (16-Week Challenge from Isagenix)

    Official date of the Seminar was 9/17/15 


    The Cost To Watch the Replay Is an Investment of Your Time. It will be worth it!

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