• Is CBD oil Snake Oil? Redox Potential More Important Than Supplements

    Is CBD oil Snake Oil? Redox Potential More Important Than Supplements

    The video highlight clip comes from Improvement Warrior Episode #6: My Supplement Journey and Why I Left Isagenix. Listen/Watch the full podcast here.

    CBD oil when I take it I don't notice anything.

    Each person and all the supplements/foods you are eating needs to take a N = 1, context for your situation, lifestyle and environment. .

    I beleive my redox potential is a lot higher than it was when I first started my Quantum journey back in 2018. Starting I had some severe hormone (cortisol) issues that I believe stemmed from the early mornings (430 am- 5-6 hours of sleep) that I had engaged in for over a decade with my fitness classes. Now my classes are scheduled for just mid-morning and evening–check them out here and register if you live near the New Albany, Ohio area. 

    When I first started taking CBD around 2018-2019 I did notice an improvement in sleep, but now I don't notice anything. I have since added some biohacks to my sleep routine (see Improvement Warrior Podcast #7) and it is rock solid now. \

    But again—CONTEXT. Each person's N=1 is different.

    Find what works for you. But nothing beats nature.

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    Overtime, certain supplements/stimulants should start to lose their effect. Which is why I recommend altering coffee consumption–1 week regular, 1 week decaf. And eventually cutting it completely, because if your sleep is good than you shouldn't need a stimulant to go through the day. Every once in a while–OK, everyday–NOPE.

    Some people will just continue to take and take even if they are not really noticing a benefit. Waste of time and money.

    Most supplements are a waste of money. Fix your mitochondria and you probably won't need nearly the amount of stuff doctors, trainers, nutritionist, supplement companies say you do.

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