• Infertility in America-New Albany, OH Strength & Fitness

    Infertility in America-New Albany, OH Strength & Fitness

    infertility in america jason yun dr. jack kruse

    Just 3% of America is truly infertile.

    Fertility like most ‘diseases' can be fixed. But this one is especially important because if a species cannot procreate, species dies off.

    We are in the 6th Big Extinction event. Read the book The 6th Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. Einstein said if the bees die off then humans will follow within 4 years; over 90% of bee population in the US is gone.

    Guess who is the main driver of this extinction event?

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    Just because you can get pregnant doesn't mean you should. 80%+ in America are sick or fat or both. That means leptin resistant.

    Leptin is involved in Oocyte Egg selection and maturation. Your mitochondria is a femosecond to femosecond environmental sensor.

    Guess what happens if the mito senses a crappy environment? It gives the signal for leptin to select a crappy egg……..and that is IF you are able to conceive because it is very hard to conceive if you are leptin resistant. If both parties are LR then even harder.

    leptin fertility oocyte selection pregnancy jason yun

    But if by some miracle chance you are able to this is when the child's chances of a genetic or mitochondrial disease shoot up big time. Mitochondria is primarily passed down through the mother.

    This is also leading to kids being born with percent heteroplasmy rates of 10-30%+ rather than 0%. Heteroplasmy is basically how stretched out your respiratory proteins are. As you start approaching 70%+ life is in decline and death will be upon us soon if changes not made.

    The good thing is the ‘stretching' can be stopped and reversed. By focusing on health habits rather than disease habits.

    I saw a stat that said men in their 20's today have the equivelent testosterone of men in their 70's from the 1950's. That's bad.

    One of the big reasons for this………exuse me, actually the BIGGEST reason for this is cell phones and/or airpods and their subsequent towers to use them.

    kids vs tech electron steal syndrome jack kruse

    Cell phones in the pocket, not on airplane mode, right next to their testes. And ladies it messes up your hormones and parts as well. It creates an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen and all the other sex steroid hormones like pregnenolone, (which actually goes on to make all other sex steroid hormones), which wrecks havoc on health.

    Plus it causes calcium efflux. Calcium leaks from the cell with electro-pollution……it's not supposed to. It's the one factor that is nessecary to create an autoimmune disease.

    I covered calcium efflux in more depth in my Improvement Warrior Podcast episode 15: The root cause of autism and autoimmunity.

    If you have been diagnosed ‘INFERTILE' do not fret. I know especially for guys this can be a giant kick in the nuts. For most it can be reversed. But again habits of health must outweight habits of disease.

    Once you feel how good you feel with implementing habits of health you will start to push those habits of disease away more and more, or you will simply have your staples that you never deviate from.



    Like for me on treat days where I consume anywhere between 8-12 k calories of whatever I want, the habits of health I will not compromise are:
    -Sunrise and sun throughout day
    -Ice Bath
    -Grounding outside in sun and grounding while working at computer
    Blue blockers around tech and blue light
    -DHA/seafood consumption
    -Workout training session done before any treats
    -Phone on airplane mode and in a defendershield case 23.5+ hours a day.

    If you need help you know how to reach me. I've got programs/services ranging from zero to $499. But the most important thing is noticing where you are and choosing to act, rather then wait. And for most people when they wait they are engaged in more habits of disease and their percent heteroplasmy rates keep inching up and up.

    There is a point of no return, or limited benefits. Don't reach that point!

    I say it all the time– the vast majority of diseases are completely reversible, however not every person is curable.

    People become their diseases. To be free from disease you must think and be health.

    The number one thing for health is Circadian Biology. Your light enviornment is more important than food or exercise.

    “Let there be light…….at the moment of conception when a sperm joins the egg, light is emitted from the embryo as millions of Zinc ions are pushed out of the egg. This is how E=mc^2 works in us.” ~Dr. Jack Kruse

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    34-Day Light Challenge. Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!

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