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    Improvement Warrior University

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    Product Description

    This is our educational webinars and coaching. 

    Paid webinars are available ala carte here

    ‘The World needs more light gurus and less food and exercise gurus.' ~Dr. Jack Kruse

    Welcome to Improvement Warrior University!

    An Improvement Warrior is a concept I developed in 2013. Everyday IMPROVEMENT is the goal……no matter how small or big. 

    A Mitochondriac is a concept developed by Dr. Jack Kruse and focuses on achieving optimal health by focusing on restoring our powerhouse of the cell, the Mitochondria (download the free Mitochondriac Guidebook here)

    What you get:

    • Access to private member only Facebook Group which houses all the webinars
    •  Early Access and Full Access to all free & paid webinars (Blue light, leptin, circadian biology, EMF, sunlight, etc….)
    • Email/Text Access


    How this will help you

    • Learn biggest mitstakes and how to fix them in regards to Nature's Laws- The 3-legged stool: 1. Light 2. Water 3. Magnetism
    • Dr. Jack Kruse's teachings can be hard to understand sometimes, especially with no background in physics, quantum electrodynamic theory, biology and other sciences. I ‘translate' it into something I understand and teach from there. 
    • Find out why focusing on food and exercise is only a band aid and is holding you back
    • Become an EMF guru and see why blue light and non-native EMFs plays a major role in every disease. 
    • The real secret to fix your sleep permanetly 
    • Find the fastest way to reverse disease or break through your plateaus 
    • Eliminate beliefs currently holding you back from achieving optimal health. 
    • How I became a light guru and ‘retired' from fitness and nutrition
      • Learn the mistakes I made so you don't have to in order to sky rocket your results!
    • Private community
    • Jack Kruse's Teachings Translated For Non-Sciencey People
    • Digital downloads
    • Educational Webinars + Accompanying blogs


    Join Improvement Warrior University
    Month to Month: $14.95
    Every Quarter: $29.99 

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