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    Product Description

    Improvement Warrior university Premium is Jason Yun's  educational premium webinars  and content.

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    ‘The World needs more light gurus and less food and exercise gurus.' ~Dr. Jack Kruse

    Welcome to Improvement Warrior University Premium!

    An Improvement Warrior is a concept I developed in 2013. Everyday IMPROVEMENT is the goal……no matter how small or big. 

    A Mitochondriac is a concept developed by Dr. Jack Kruse and focuses on achieving optimal health by focusing on restoring our powerhouse of the cell, the Mitochondria (download the free Mitochondriac Guidebook here)

    What you get:

    • Access to private member only membership portal which houses all the premium webinars and premium content 


    How this will help you

    • Learn biggest mitstakes and how to fix them in regards to Nature's Laws- The 3-legged stool: 1. Light 2. Water 3. Magnetism
    • Dr. Jack Kruse's teachings can be hard to understand sometimes, especially with no background in physics, quantum electrodynamic theory, biology and other sciences. I ‘translate' it into something I understand and teach from there. 
    • Find out why focusing on food and exercise is only a band aid and is holding you back
    • Become an EMF guru and see why blue light and non-native EMFs plays a major role in every disease. 
    • The real secret to fix your sleep permanetly 
    • Find the fastest way to reverse disease or break through your plateaus 
    • Eliminate beliefs currently holding you back from achieving optimal health. 
    • How I became a light guru and ‘retired' from fitness and nutrition
      • Learn the mistakes I made so you don't have to in order to sky rocket your results!
    • Private community– login and password protected
    • Jack Kruse's Teachings Translated For Non-Sciencey People
    • Digital downloads
    • Educational Webinars + Accompanying resources
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    Join Improvement Warrior University
    Month to Month: $5.95

    Topics Covered in Leptin Part 3: The Hormone Cascade:

    -Recap of what Leptin is and does
    -What Leptin Resistance is and how it destroys humans
    -Why eating multiple meals (more than 3) per day will destroy your energy, sleep, leptin and ability to burn fat
    -Villans of Inflammation- TNF, NF-Kappa Beta and IL-6
    -Cortisol and Insulin issues
    -The vital importance of Pregnenolone
    -Why lowering cholesterol is idiotic (in the vast majority of cases)
    -What your redox potential is and why it is so important
    -Why hormones need animal protein
    -Why and how vegan diets create hormone mismatches
    -MTor and Too much protein and when you should actually care
    -How Cortisol destorys adrenals and thyroid
    -Why cortisol is not always bad and necessary for ultimate health

    Topics covered in Epi-Paleo Webinar Part 2: DHA

    -Recap Inflammation
    -DHA and electricity
    -Epi-genetics vs Genetics and Charles Darwin
    -how DHA created our brain and eventually humans
    -Why other Omega-3's cannot convert to DHA
    -DHA and Vision and what Fake Blue Light does to it
    -Why DHA is master of DNA
    -The Couple that determines every modern man disease
    -DHA's double bonds & Pi-Electron Cloud
    -DHA vs DPA
    -Why seafood trumps Fish Oil pills
    -Why most fish oils are bad
    -Quantum mechanics and how it connects to DHA
    -What DHA does with sunlight's photons via the Photoelectric effect
    -Iodine's super importance to humans
    -Dr. Cunnane on why DHA & Iodine matter so much
    -How technology destroys DHA

    Topics covered in Circadian Biology Part 2: The Sun Part 1

    -Recap SCN
    -Dunning Krueger Effect
    -Skin cancer/melanoma
    -Vitamin D
    -Fake Blue Light
    -Real cause of cancer and skin cancer
    -Beta Endorphins
    -UVA and UVB Light
    -Best times of the day to be in sunlight
    -Cause of obesity and all diseases
    -Aromatic Amino Acids
    -Changing Color Spectrum Throughout the day
    -Bluelight's effect on SCN and circadian rhythm

    Topics covered in Circadian Biology Part 3: Sun Cosmetics:

    • Recap SCN
    • Dunning Krueger Effect
    • What exactly are the sun cosmetics
    • The 3 camps docs fall into with sun exposure
    • Why sunscreen sucks and the negative effects to Vitamin D
    • Why only getting certain frequencies of the sun can be more damaging than beneficial
    • UVA vs UVB Tanning
    • The skins importance and the role it plays with our health
    • Why melanin is so important and the difference between UVA and UVB melanin
    • Why sunglasses suck
    • Why your genetic inheritance for your skin/eyes and where you live can have detrimental affects on your health.
    • Why some can NEVER raise vitamin D levels
    • Melasma
    • Photo Aging and Blue Light
    • Why sugar is not major cause of obesity and diabetes
    • Your mitochondria and epigenetics
    • Connection with sunscreen and Big Pharma
    • Why sun does not cause cancer
    • How and where to use natural sunscreens
    • Blue light from sun vs. man made light
    • Why supplemental Vitamin D may be a bad idea
    • Uveal Melanoma- Eye cancer skyrocketing because of these
    • Proof UV light from the sun is NOT harmful
    • Nitric Oxide
    • 2 most important aspects of Health
    • How and why to build a solar callus

    Hormones & Neurotransmitters Webinar Part 1: Dopamine: For the survivial of our species

    Purchase this webinar here

    Topics Covered in the Hormones & Neurotransmitters Webinar Part 1: Dopamine: For the survivial of our species

    • How dopamine is made (the only natural way)
    • What lowers dopamine more than anything
    • Why melatonin and dopamine are tightly linked
    • How dopamine is linked to sleep
    • Why WHERE you make a decision matters
    • How blue light affects dopamine and all diseases
    • Does your zip code matter more than your genetic code? Yup. Find out why!
    • Procrastinating a lot? You've got a dopamine problem.
    • How DHA ties to dopamine? DHA pretty much ties to everything in us.
    • How Dopamine affects our enzymes function
    • Why you need to know about the 4th phase of water- Exclusion Zone
    • Is yawning bad?
    • How cold can increase your dopamine big time.
    • Why circadian biology plays a role in dopamine and every single neurotransmitters, hormone, health metric you want to put in.
    • Why it is much easier to control your mind when dopamine gets low
      • Fluoride? How it kills you
    •  How UV Decreases aging?
    • Why cancer happens in a low oxygen state
    • Why PROPER Sleep cannot happen without sunlight during the day
    • How blue light helps make Dopamine
    • Why cold is always good for mammals. YOU ARE A MAMMAL
    • Recommendations to start cold thermogenesis
    • Why sun gazing and cold exposure is just like lifting weights
    • Why dark and cold is a necessary components for sleep
    • What is Proton Tunneling and why is it vital to life?
    • How dopamine works with DHA to help create the DC Electric current which helps us restore our cells/mito while we are awake
    • Why DHA is the most vital part of our diet.
    • Why dopamine does not like hot or warm environments.
    • Free radicals? Bad?
    • What is Ph?
    • What happens when we don't have enough electrons and how do we lose them and what does E=Mc2 have to do with electrons?
    • Why you NEED UV light and what to say to someone who says it is bad!
    • How cancer is not that bad compared to the alternative
    • Why it is so hard to change especially if we have an addiction (low dopamine)

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    Month to Month: $5.95


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