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    FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions- Improvement Warrior Personal Training


    How long do I need to train with you guys? What if something happens to me or a family member?

    Keep in mind that we do things differently here at Improvement Warrior Fitness (IWF). We expect that within 6-12 months you should be pretty close if not surpassed your original goals that you set up during your Success Session. Obviously it will depending on how big your goals are as well. But at that time, we will also be educating you on what and why you are doing it. So at that time (6-12 months) you should be able to train on your own or drop into our Small Group Training Program. But if you want to continue training with your trainer one on one that is fine as well.
    We always are re-assessing your progress during every training session and we are doing actual re-assessment tests and drills about every 5-7 weeks. Which we can also set new loftier goals or reset our original ones. It's all about progressing you at a rate that YOU are capable of going at.
    When you become a member you choose your initial commitment with us. If something happens in that time where you are not able to continue for a period of time, please email jasonyun@improvmentwarriorfitness.com, explaining the situation and how long you will need to freeze your account.
    If you need to cancel before your term has ended, please inform your coach. We need a full 10-day notice of your cancelling. There is a $50 fee for each month left on your term.
    Once your term has ended, it simply continues on at the same rate until you downgrade, cancel, or upgrade to another package.

    You mention on your personal training webpage that you guys do something that no other personal training or fitness company does-- WHAT IS IT?!

    We actually do two things:

    #1 is you have access to our Streaming Follow-Along Workout System- LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts. We will let you know when you are ready for additional workouts on your own. Please understand our #1 goal is keeping you injury free with our Personal Training program.  LBN makes it super easy to get additional workouts in at home or wherever you go. Think of it as P90x meets Netflix, only with better workouts and a whole lot more variety to choose from.

    streaming fitness workouts to your home or work or hotel

    #2 is we are a blue light and wifi free gym 

    Check out the video I did for our studio in Hilliard below (which is now closed). My home gym studio in New Albany is in my basement and was a lot easier to switch the lights 😉

    We do not use wifi, we use ethernet. Wifi and blue light are both non-native electromagnetic frequency (nnEMF) aka Electro-Pollution. Which are the main reasons for the disease epidemics we face in our world today (not diet or lack of exercise)

    As an Improvement Warrior Fitness client we will teach you all about the science and application. The owner, Jason Yun, has not worked out under blue light since September 2018.

    Some info to start you down the rabbit hole:

    What exactly is the Success Session?

    The Success Session is basically your Goal setting/forecasting planning session. We need to know where you are and what you want to achieve.

    So setting up your goals is vital to the program from the very start, and we must continually be resetting them as you reach and achieve them. Besides showing up for your SS and your first training session this is the most important part. Nutrition, the training sessions (remember we don't just workout or exercise), none of that matters if we don't set up your roadmap.
    There is a questionaire that you will fill out before your Success Session. I guarantee it is more detailed than any health or doctor's or dentist's or other trainer/nutritionist's you have filled out before. And for good reason……. the training part is easy–just show up we show you what to do. It's all the other stuff that people do when they are not with us that really hamper us.
    Next, we will take your body measurements and body fat through ultrasound. We will also take your before picture. These 3 methods are the best way to see if you are making progress for a weight loss client: 1. Body fat 2. Inches 3. Pictures. If the numbers are going down, you are making progress.  We will measure your neck, chest, arm, waist, hips, thigh and calf. The body fat is measured through Ultrasound, so it simply measures the thickness of the skin. A lot more accurate then calipers and doesn't hurt at all. Pictures never lie 🙂 Sometimes as human beings we have a tendency to lie to ourselves about what we see in the mirror, but digital pictures never lie.
    Next part of the SS is we take you through our Screens and Assessments. These tests will vary depending on your particular goals and current functional movement abilities.
    The last part of the SS is setting up your free training session and schedule. We will then set up your schedule.
    We also refer to our personal trainers and group instructors as Coaches and not Trainers. At IWF we believe coaching is required to improve. Trainers ‘train'. Coaches ‘coach.'


    The Functional Movement Screen and how it affects you

    For more detailed explanation you can go to our Functional Movement Category which contains all blog posts about the screen.

    Depending on your current functional movement ability at the time of your Success Session you may or may not be going through this screen. But this is our main movement screen for our group fitness classes. For most new clients coming in on your first day we will perform a quick 5 screen. 

    Keep in mind we are always assessing during warmup and workout

    With the majority of older adults we use a variety of tests in addition to the movement screen. It is too many to list here as it depends on your starting point which test and screen will be done for you. It's all programmed for you, no cookie cutter program for you at Improvement Warrior Fitness. 

    What the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is:

     improvement warrior fitness reynoldsburg weight loss

    The FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries (differences in left and right sides).


    Why we screen people:

    The results will then let the coaches of Improvement Warrior Fitness (IWF) know what the best plan of attack is in terms of your programming, what exercises you need to avoid, and what corrective exercises you need to do. However if you continue training with imbalances or using compensation from other muscles during certain exercises that are not supposed to be assisting you will not be getting better, you will be getting worse. And you will be increasing your risk for injury.

    You may think that you don’t need to be screened because you don’t have any injuries, or you feel fine, or think that you move fine— But the FMS Screen is designed to help reduce the risk of injury, not prevent them after they occur.


    If you score a one or 0 on any test, or have any type of asymmetry (score different on one side compared with the other) you will have corrective exercises to do and you will be RED LIGHTED. This means you will not be able to perform the full version or advanced version.
    You will instead perform correctives until you are strong or proficient enough to move forward.
    Remember it is only temporary
    Also remember that the exercise we take away is probably what is holding you back. Once fixed you will be able to return to the exercise and blow past any previous personal records.




    mikie downtown columbus weight loss center

    What is the cost of IWF Personal Training?

    We have a few  differnet packages to choose from.  Prices below:

    Improvement Warrior Fitness Personal Training  is a monthly membership program. Improvement Warriors (Members) are required to commit to either a  month-to-month, or a 4-month billing agreement at a membership level that best caters to their schedule and budget as outlined below. Please note the big savings on our package offerings that are provided to members who sign-up for a  4-month Self-Improvement agreement. Each package listed below also includes in the price membership to our 2 online training programs- LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts and Mindtamer.


    Improvement Warrior Fitness Personal Training Fitness Packages for Month-to-Month Self-Improvement Agreements



    The TOTAL IMPROVEMENT Package- 3 training sessions a week or 12 Training Sessions per month +member benefits $499/month 
    The Rapid Results Package- 2 Training Sessions/Week or 8 Total Sessions per month + Member Benefits $449/month 
    The Busy Person Package- 1 Training Sessions/Week or 4 Total Sessions per Phase + Member Benefits $399/month 

    Improvement Warrior Fitness Personal Training Fitness Packages for 4-Month Self-Improvement Agreements (BIG SAVINGS!)



    The TOTAL IMPROVEMENT Package- 3 training sessions a week or 12 Training Sessions per month +member benefits $449/month (save $50/month)
    The Rapid Results Package- 2 Training Sessions/Week or 8 Total Sessions per month + Member Benefits $399/month (save $50/month) 
    The Busy Person Package- 1 Training Sessions/Week or 4 Total Sessions per Phase + Member Benefits $349/month (save $50/month)

    What else do you get as a Warrior of Improvement Warrior Fitness Personal Training

    There will always be on-going coaching. This is really what you are paying IWF for. Health and wellness is not just working out and diet. Far from it. Most trainers/coaches will tell you this is 80-90%. It is not. More like 10-15%, but as we age it becomes even more important to get right.
    Shortly after starting with us you will receive 2 bands (which 2 depends on your strength level), a band utility strap, a foam roller, and a lacrosse ball. All of which will be explained at your second or third session. These implements are to be used as extra workouts and as recovery in between your workouts with your coach. Any additional equipment you will need to purchase yourself.
    Periodically we will be adding to your IWF Blueprint with things like meal plans, done-for-you nutrition handouts, tips and tricks, etc…..

    How do I get started?

    First step is setting up your Desk Date with Jason Yun.
    Click below to fill out the form to set up your ‘date' with Yun:
     improvement warrior personal trainer in columbus
    Reaching out is half the battle to getting to your perfect body, perfect health. You'll be there in no time.

    How do I get Fired?

    Fired is a harsh word. Nobody wants to get fired, and we don't want to fire anybody. But sometimes you have to. In order to change you have to got to want to change. We will help you in terms of motivation at your workout and holding you accountable but in the end if you don't want it– it will not happen.
    So things like not doing your homework, doing extra workouts, making excuses, negative attitude. These are just some of the reasons a client might get ‘fired'.
    But the bottom line is– The sooner you realize there's no magic pill, then the sooner you can focus on what really matters: hard work and consistency. Excuses are not in an Improvement Warrior's vocabulary.
    If you are fired as a client the next month's dues will be taken immediately as the cancellation fee.

    Home Training

    If you are wanting to train at your home/apartment or a nearby park/playground, etc… just add an extra $100 to each price point on the membership form (see above FAQ for pricing).
    Please note must live within 10 miles radius to IWF's current location.

    I'm a member of another gym, can Improvement Warrior Personal Trainers train me there?

    Our Personal Trainers are not able to come to another gym and train you there due to liability issues and insurance issues. We are able to train you at your home/nearby park (see above FAQ), or at our New Albany studio.

    Can I bring a friend with me to train with me?

    Yes you can. We encourage it as well. Obviously it won't be one-on-one personal training anymore. But friends are welcome to try out a training session with you. If they decided to continue it is a discount of $40 off the package of choice for both of you each month. However the training session must be at the same time and not separate. For each additional friend who wants to train with you (up to 5 maximum including you), each package would take off another $20 from your package. So if you want to workout in semi-private personal training fashion with 5 total people, it would be a total discount for you and the friends involved of $100 off the package of choice.

    After your friend's trial session, your coach would then inform Jason Yun to set up a Success Session with your friend. Your friend must go through the SS before going through another training session.
    There is also a referral bonus, if you refer a friend to our Personal Training program you get 50% off your next month. If you refer someone to our Small Group Personal training classes or our Youth Sports and Fitness program you get 25% off your next month. These are unlimited.


    What if I'm not satisfied with the Improvement Warrior Coach and/or the Training?

    Again we have 100% guarantee. 100% money back guarantee. So if you don't get the results you were looking for that was set up at your SS, we will refund you your money.
    If you have an issue with your coach we are happy to replace him/her with another Coach. We realize some personalities don't mix well with certain types of personalities. Our personal trainers are top notch and we will find you one that fits you. If we do not, we will let you out of your term with no penalties.
    Just be 100% honest with us.

    What if I need to cancel a training session or will be on vacation?

    You will have all of your Coach's contact info (phone, email, facebook, twitter, address…. however you want to communicate with them) Please let them know.
    There are no refunds for cancelled sessions. It is up to you and your coach to reschedule the session. Or you can make it up at one of our small group personal training classes or via LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts (if you are cleared by your coach to do so). But if you are going to do the latter options please let your coach know.
    If you are late, please call/text your coach and let them know. Your coach is only obligated for the time that was scheduled, it is up to him/her if they want to stay late for the full session, as many coaches have multiple Improvement Warriors throughout the day.

    Why don't we do any cardio in the workouts? I thought cardio was needed to burn fat!?

    You will not do any steady pace running/jogging in any of IWF’s programs. This is an inefficient way to burn fat and get in shape. Find out why with this article on why you should avoid cardio. Running is also has the highest incidence of injury for a recreational sport in America. We prefer to have our improvement warriors stay healthy and burn the most fat possible!

    Your program is based off of what YOU need and want, based off of your screens and assessments done at your Success Session  and throughout the training. 

    Strength training is the most important aspect for changing your body and increasing your metabolism. We combine strength training with metabolic training to help with your results and get you in better condition. With our metabolic training you can actually increase your aerobic capacity even better then cardio!

    The bulk of your training will focus on functional movement and creating an environment where we can progress you to our more difficult functional movement exercises, strength training exercises, and metabolic exercises. 

    I have an injury or I can't perform ___________, Can I still join or do your program?

    Yes and no.

    This is another reason why we do the Screens and Assessments. To see if anything hurts and what movement patterns (or exercises) need to be Red Lighted (not able to perform) for you.

    There is no reason why you shouldn't train if you have an arm injury– you still have 90% of your body.

    The exception would be a major injury or an injury that is going to require surgery. Or if you are going to need to go through a rehab process. Understand this is not what we do.

    We have specialists that we can recommend to you if this is your case.

    Do you offer childcare or grandchild care?

    Understand most of our Personal Training we do is atmy home studio in New Albany. But we offer you the ability to bring a child in to the workout. There is no extra cost. The child  you will be able to see them at all times.


    Training packages include all this free stuff!

    During your first week as an Improvement Warrior Personal Training Client you will receive a Resistance Band Package, an 18″ foam roller, a tennis ball and a lacrosse ball. The band package will consist of 3 bands (differs for male or female) and a band utility strap.