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    If you were born between 1946 and 1964 you were put a label on you as being a ‘baby boomer'. Every day 10,000 people turn 65 years old in the United States. I don't like the term, but society has put labels on that age group as ‘getting older', ‘seniors', ‘silver sneakers', ‘elderly'. I'm sure you don't like the term either if you fall in that age bracket, but truth be told, we are all getting older, but are YOU going to age gracefully and kick the ‘elderly' connotation to the curb? Or are you going to be another stat?

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    You will NEVER do pushups like this. At IWF we ALWAYS make sure your form is correct

    Welcome to Improvement Warrior Personal Training for older adults!

    From Jason Yun CSCS, NSCA-CPT, KBA, FMS, CISSN columbus personal training

    Owner Improvement Warrior Fitness

    Serving New Albany, Gahanna, Worthington, Westerville, Columbus, and vicinity of Ohio


    Dear Friend,

    How you doing?! I'm Jason Yun… a New Albany, OH personal fitness trainer, certified sports nutritionist, and functional movement specialist.

    I've been on a mission since I turned 28 to prevent aging in myself as much as possible. I'll be 45 in March 2023. I think I'm doing a pretty good job.

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    25 vs. 38 years old

    Jason yun before after

    And 33 vs. 44

    What happened when I was 28 was my grandmother was admitted into a retirement facility. She had dementia and had fallen and fractured her hip. I don't know about you but living in a retirement home is something I never, ever want.

    As a baby you need someone to take care of you hand and foot, why does it have to be that way at the other end of the aging spectrum as well?


    But it does take a pro-active approach to prevent it and make sure you are a contributing member of society for as long as you want to be.

    Our Improvement Warrior Personal Training For Mature Adults program starts with people 40 and above. But think about this— If you can't move well at 40, what's going to happen at 80? Are you even going to make it to 80? Growing old gracefully needs to stop……

    …with our program there is no ‘growing old', it's all about LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND ACCOMPLISHING YOUR GOALS. 

    Just because you are ‘older' doesn't mean life needs to stop or slow down. You still can reach and set new heights. IMPROVEMENT NEVER STOPS!

    I GUARANTEE  with Improvement Warrior Fitness Personal Training that we will help you reach all of your fitness, health, body, and life goals. No matter what age you are starting at. Improvement can be made at any time in life! Doesn't matter if you are 20, 30, 40 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or even 100!

    That may sound insane but the reason I can make such a claim is…..

    Our workouts and coaches DO NOT give you a general workout template. We ARE NOT rep and set counters. We DO NOT yell and call you names like some television training programs.

    We do….

    Use training techniques that work to get you in the best shape possible. And moving as functionally as possible for everyday life. Our workouts are not boring and the workouts are based on your goals. No cookie cutter programs here. Because we realize everybody is different. Especially as we age and don't workout or follow a well-designed nutrition plan then the more physical ‘issues' a person is going to have. Our training program addresses all that and more with our specialized assessments for mature clients and our top notch training sessions.

    Oh, by the way….. you will not be working out with our program. And you will not be exercising. You will be training. Your personal training workouts are now training sessions. There is a purpose behind training.

    You are doing it to get better….. To Improve!

    If you don't know why you are training, that's what we will help you do…….

    Interesting Facts about Bone Density & aging

    personal training for older adults

    • Peak Bone Mass is reached at around 25 years old. It remains stable until around 50 years old.
    • Significant losses start occurring after 50.
    • Women are 3x more likely to develop osteoporosis. 20% of all people with osteoporosis are men.
    • 50% of those with hip fractures never recover. 50% pass on within first year of hip fracture
    • Hip fractures are the #1 cause of nursing home admission

    Interesting Facts about Physical Activity & Aging

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    • 1/5 of women and 1/3 of men are unable to perform at least one common daily task (going up stairs, bending down, walking, driving, etc…)
    • Disease and physical INactivity are related
    • INactivity has a much higher chance of disease
    • A Decrease in Physical Activity will worsen the disease
    • Poor Levels of Fitness will speed up the aging process
    • All leads to physical impairment which leads to functional limits which eventually leads to disability.


    lack of physical activity can lead to disability


    Question: Would you rather live to be 100, but you cannot care for yourself? Or would you rather live, happy, healthy and vibrant and pass away in your sleep at the age of 84?

    What Improvement Warrior Personal Training For Mature Adults Does For Older Adults?

    Functional Training

    1.) What is Functional Training?

    Functional Training was derived from athletics and physical therapy. You train muscles together or more importantly you train movements. Movement is how we get around. It is not isolation, bodybuilding style workouts. Your muscle systems work together to create the optimal way of doing things. As we age daily tasks get harder and harder to perform, especially if we become inactive, or put on weight.

    You may think that a simple exercise such as climbing the stairs is just a matter of having leg strength think again.

    personal training for baby boomers columbus

    mature adults get strong and functional with personal training

    Improvement Warrior Personal Training for mature adults makes basic daily tasks simple. And a whole lot more. 

    2. We are not training muscles

    Again movements. But we are also training the neuromuscular system. Which consists of the nervous system, muscular system, and skeletal system. And getting these to work in an effective and coordinated fashion.

    3. Improvement Warrior Fitness Personal Training for mature adults is much more then the just functional training

    • Recruit the neuromuscular system by using movements rather then training single muscles
    • Challenge you in ways you will be challenged in life and your goals
    • 3 and 4 dimensional movements
    • No Injury zone! Plus we will ‘fix' or alleviate your current pain/injury
    • Feel like an athlete again and not just some stereotypical baby boomer who is getting old.
    • Decreased body fat and weight
    • Improved cardiovascular capacity
    • Improved functional and overall strength
    • Able to take care of yourself 100% of the time
    • Live a longer, happier, fuller life.
    • Live the end of your life like YOU want to live

    How do I get started with Improvement Warrior Personal Training For Mature Clients?

    The first step is going through your Success Session at my New Albany, OH Home Studio. This is a free, no obligation success meeting where we will:

    1. Go over your goals and help set them up for you
    2. Get your body fat and girth measurements. (this is done through Ultra-sound, so no pain 🙂
    3. Take you through our Functional Screens (this will determine any movement patterns that we need to fix and for our mature clients can be a different test for each person)
    4. Set up your free personal training session (this can either be done at our New Albany, OH Home studio or at your home).

    This is just the very start.


    You must do the work.

    We expect DEMAND that you get results. And in order to do that you must follow what your coach tells you to do. Some things are more important then others. But if you don't follow through on certain ACTION items we deem the most important….


    It rarely happens and no hard feelings, but we only work with people who are ready to change. And if you come to us in the first place we expect that you are ready!

    So are you ready!?

    Fill out the form under the banner to set up your success session and start the process of becoming an Improvement Warrior!

    improvement warrior personal trainer in columbus and new albany, ohio

    There is a couple more things that we do that no other personal training program in the world does. Really and truly we are the only fitness company that does this!

    If you still have questions please call (614.304.1426) or email

    Here's what some others had to say


    ‘I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how everything is going.  I absolutely love it! My trainer is such a nice gal. I'm never pressured, I go at my own pace..which is working hard and giving all that I am capable of. When I leave I feel so relieved the rest of the day knowing that I got my butt kicked and a work out at the same time. Haha! My body feels amazing and there are times when I am sore, but never once have felt the urge to quit. I didn't join because I was out of shape, I joined because I wanted the excitement and fun trying something new. The 45 minutes of intensity goes by so quickly, I'm not too sure where time goes? Well…I suppose when you're having a good time, everything seems to fly by. I can't wait to see what the next two weeks will bring me!! Thanks for this opportunity. I love it!'

    Brandy Smith
    German Village, OH


    ‘Just wanted to say your work outs are truly motivating. I have done this since the end of April and was referred by a family member. I had tried dieting and other things but with working out and intense calorie counting I have lost 18 lbs so far and many inches. I totally forgot to measure inches before starting!! Wish I had though, I went from a 10 to an 8. My goal is a 6 and about 130-135 lbs. I have 2 active children and this is perfect. Also being an asthamatic this has helped my need for not using my inhaler all the time. Thanks i am truly inspired and motivated and have referred many people to your site. So glad I was told!!'

    Jessica Nhem
    Reynoldsburg, OH

    ‘I came into Improvement Warrior Fitness with mixed feelings, however it was one of the best decisions I ever made in regards to fitness. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, but feel better about myself. This is by far one of the best investments I made for my overall health and mental well-being. I'd recommend IWF to anyone who is burned out with going to a gym or who wants to try something new and different. You won't be disappointed! Jason and his team puts together a solid program that challenges you while making it fun.'

    -Andrew Walsh
    Springfield, OH

    Kate Stephens -Gahanna, OH: “I loved it! I like how sick I felt after the first workout – it made me realize how much I worked out right then and how much I Hadn't worked out recently! And I like how sore I am All Over after yesterday's workout! Wow!! Who knew that after only 30 minutes of moving (including a warm-up) could result in that?! Thanks for everything! See you tomorrow! ”

    Katie Cox -Columbus, OH: ‘It is time for me. Away from the kids, the husband. Being outside clears my head. I feel so much stronger, not just physically but mentally too. Going twice a week keeps me motivated to exercise on my own & I am really watching what I eat. Not just to lose weight but to be healthy so that I am around for a long time to be there for my kids & my husband. Thank you, Jason, for motivating me, making me stronger & just making me better. …I feel great all over. I feel stronger & healthier. I am always looking forward to class because there is so much variety & I never get bored. I love to wake up the next day & have the good sore feeling in my muscles. I then realized that my body is transforming to get lean.' ”

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