• Improvement Warrior Optimal Journal- Entry #8

    Improvement Warrior Optimal Journal- Entry #8

    The following is a journal that I am keeping to track my progress as I attempt to make myself the best version of me. My intent of also blogging it is to show people that being the ultimate healthy version of you does not just mean changing your nutrition and working out.

    There is a lot of other things that go into it. I am not like most other Coaches and Personal Trainers, or nutritionists, or health practitioners out there. I first consider myself a biohacker.

    Definition of a bio-hacking: Do-it-yourself biology, biotechnological social movement in which individuals and small organizations study biology using the same methods as traditional research institutions.

    I recently implemented something in late September that took my health and energy to a whole new level. I used to think I was a 10 in health most days before I started this, now I realize I was probably only around 7-7.5.

    I will be alternating this blog journal on my other blogs. I will post the links below once I have them all.

    Improvement Warrior Blog

    LBN Online Blog
    Mindtamer Blog

    Entry #8 11.8.18, 11.9.18, 11.10.18

    Hilliard fitness coach for weight loss. sunlight

    Fasted a total of 81.5 hours. The hunger just wouldn't go away like it normally did so I knew it was time to end it. Missed record of 84 hours. I'll get it another time 🙂
    This entry is covering Thursday- Saturday because I messed up on rotation of my blogs. Friday and Saturday fell asleep on couch both nights, breaking one of my rules of life— never fall asleep on the couch. Last night Rocky 4 and then Creed was on. Creed 2 open 11.21. It's basically the sequel to my fave movie of all-time and the reason I got into fitness and strength. But still shouldn't let that happen. Fell asleep way early so was dead tired for some reason.
    736 am: 17:03 , weather under 30 degrees. Feet got a little cold and fingertips towards the end. Sun was 100% unblocked.
    119 pm: 6:18
    158 pm 9:15
    Sun as driving as well. My drive to my gym is about 30 minutes.
    Was raining and cloudy all day. So none all day.
    18:34 morning sun 735 am
    In between classes: 5:01 @ 1003 am, 4:29 @ 1108 am
    Whole workout outside in sun, no clouds: 48:21
    Thursday: 4 sessions for 42 minutes
    Friday 4 sessions for 37 minutes
    Saturday: 5 sessions 1:24 minutes
    Cold Tub:
    Thursday: none.
    Friday: 5:14. Temp was 42 degrees. Just wasn't ready for it. But did second part of my workout outside in tank and shorts. Air cold is so much easier.
    Saturday: 12:00. Much easier. Even though temp was 36 degrees. This time I wore a hat and gloves and kept my toes out of the tub and covered my toes with my hands.
    Contract shower:
    Thursday: none
    Friday: 3:07 in the cold
    Saturday: 4:28 in cold.
    Thursday: Pullup max. Worked up to 1 rep max of 79.2 pounds. Crushed PR by 29 pounds.

    Friday: Indoors

    Deadlift, 225 * 5, 275 x 3, 315 * 2, fail 365 x 1 2 fails, 315 * 4 * 2 sets. My goal was to hit a new PR which would have been 375 but obviously wasn't in the cards today.

    Back lunge 3 sets of 8 by 135 lb.


    Superset of kettlebell swings. 36 kg four sets of 21, 22, 23.

    With kettlebell windmill. Three sets of four with 36 kg. New PR.

    Metcon. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off of kettlebell swing, clean, squat period with a double 20 kg kettlebell.

    Then followed up with a V block Waukee time with the pups and a kettlebell rack carry with a 20-kilogram kettlebell.


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    Overhead press with bands. First set with mini band. Two sets of three with the 24kg Kettlebell. Then one set of 3 with the mini band, and then failure with the monster mini band with one rep.

    Then try set. Three sets of

    Lateral raise with 12 kg.10,10,11.
    Triceps skull crusher 12 kg. 11,10,8.
    Rope hammer curls 20kg. 7,6,7.

    Waiter walks 24kg x2.
    Battle rope 22 rep slams . .


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    Thursday 10460
    Friday 5076
    Saturday  10006
    Ended the fast at 81:50. 84 hours was my longest. The hunger just wouldn't go away. Ended it with 2 cups of bone broth that I made last night. INstantly felt energy and self come back to normal. I actually didn't have a fever when I thought I did, it was 97.5 degrees, but just felt off. Coldness in my body went away as well.
    Thursday: 3051 cal, 112 p, 62 c (37 net), 269 fat 
    Meal 1: Beef bone broth
    Meal 2: Bulletproof adaptogen tea with greens
    Meal 3: Smoothie
    Meal 4: cheese sandwich (just cheese and butter)
    Meal 5: Sardine Salad with sauerkraut
    Friday: 4030, 193 p, 64 c (34 net), 345 F
    Meal 1: bone broth
    Meal 2: cheese sandwich, pork rinds with gauc
    Meal 3: Big sardine and shrimp salad
    Meal 4: Keto Loaded Cauliflower ‘potato'
    Saturday: 4525, 176 p, 87 C (33 net), 394 F
    Meal 1: smoothie
    Meal 2: pumpkin seeds, peanut butter and coconut oil (pre-tub snack)
    Meal 3: salmon salad (cado mayo and EVOO) and avocado
    Meal 4: cauli mash with eggs, cheese, bacon. keto ice cream
    Thursday: neck mobility 
    Friday: Child's pose, psoas smash
    Saturday: none
    Thursday: none
    Friday: 10:00 meditation under IR light.
    Saturday: none
    Thursday and Friday:
    Health and Light John Ott, EMF blog 4. 
    Saturday none
    finished JK nourish vermont 2016
    Vitamin C 1000
    Fish oil 4
    magnesium 1000
    Vitamin D, 40 sun, 8000
    multi vitamin.
    Friday: ?
    Saturday 0

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