• Improvement Warrior Optimal Journal- Entry #11

    Improvement Warrior Optimal Journal- Entry #11

    The following is a journal that I am keeping to track my progress as I attempt to make myself the best version of me. My intent of also blogging it is to show people that being the ultimate healthy version of you does not just mean changing your nutrition and working out.

    There is a lot of other things that go into it. I am not like most other Coaches and Personal Trainers, or nutritionists, or health practitioners out there. I first consider myself a biohacker.

    Definition of a bio-hacking: Do-it-yourself biology, biotechnological social movement in which individuals and small organizations study biology using the same methods as traditional research institutions.

    I recently implemented something in late September that took my health and energy to a whole new level. I used to think I was a 10 in health most days before I started this, now I realize I was probably only around 7-7.5.

    I will be alternating this blog journal on my other blogs. I will post the links below once I have them all.

    Improvement Warrior Blog

    LBN Online Blog
    Mindtamer Blog

    Entry #11 11.13.18

    Another early morning and late night. One thing I noticed last week but forgot to mention was the fact that usually when I do have my early morning classes and then teach my afternoon/evening ones on the car ride over I am literally falling asleep at the wheel. I am basically in a boxing match with myself slapping myself to stay awake. Sometimes if I get to class early enough, I'll pull over in the business next to me and take a nap. That hasn't happened in at least 3-4 weeks. Before that I made a peppermint essential oil inhaler which helped, but haven't even had to use that.

    No sun today at all.
    Still did usual squat hold with no shirt and shorts. First sight of snow here while doing it.
    11:29 @ 744 am
    3 sessions fro 24 minutes. Lowest so far since starting this way of life.
    Cold Tub: 
    16:02. 39.5 degrees.
    Today was first day submerged up to my neck. Shivering most of the time, but couldn't get all of legs into tub. Need to get bigger tub. Skin was super red for first time especially on chest and stomach.
    Did training right after.
    Contract shower: 
    3:02 in cold.
    Chest and stomach was super red again.
    All indoors today
    Weighted Pushups: 4 sets of 8 with 25 lb.
    Pushups on kettlebells 1 x 6.
    Close grip bench press 1 x 4 x 135, 3 x 6 x 115
    Macros: 3072 calories, 139 p, 54 c (30 net), 265 f 
    Meal 1: Bulletproof adaptogen drink 
    Meal 2: Large salad with liver, sardines, and calamari. Keto Ice Cream 
    Neck Smash
    Banded shoulder stretch
    Couch stretch
    EMF blog 4
    John Ott Health and Light
    Gray Cook Compendium Lectures
    Vitamin D none
    Cod liver oil 4 grams
    Vitamin C 1000
    Magnesium 800 mg
    11 pm- 410 am: 5 hr 10 minutes.

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