• Improvement Warrior Optimal Health Journal #26

    Improvement Warrior Optimal Health Journal #26

    The following is a journal that I am keeping to track my progress as I attempt to make myself the best version of me. My intent of also blogging it is to show people that being the ultimate healthy version of you does not just mean changing your nutrition and working out.

    There is a lot of other things that go into it. I am not like most other Coaches and Personal Trainers, or nutritionists, or health practitioners out there. I first consider myself a biohacker.

    Definition of a bio-hacking: Do-it-yourself biology, biotechnological social movement in which individuals and small organizations study biology using the same methods as traditional research institutions.

    I recently implemented something in late September that took my health and energy to a whole new level. I used to think I was a 10 in health most days before I started this, now I realize I was probably only around 7-7.5.

    I will be alternating this blog journal on my other blogs. I will post the links below once I have them all.

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    Entry #26 4.7.19

    Since the last entry my life, world, business, and family has changed.

    The birth of my son, Payton Yun. Occured on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 @ 1:21 pm. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces and 20.5 inches. And of course as healthy as can be and as cute as can be. Amazing moment

    payton Yun named after the late great walter payton sweetness
    We were released from the hosptial 28 hours after his birth. I needed to get out of there and my family out there as soon as ppossible.
    Some things did to bio-hack the room:
    Have been trying to get Payton out in the sun as much as possible. The first actual sun didn't peak out until yesterday, but have been taking him out periodcially throughout the day. Really tends to soothe him and calm him down unless he is super hungry 🙂
    newborn son getting out in nature, improvement warrior fitness
    Last week 6:41 in 38 sessions.. Just 3 sessions Wednesday and Thursday while at hosptial.
    Month of March 173 session for 32:51- new PR for both.
    Daughter had a 103.6 degree fever on Monday wife made me get her Motrin, but 1st thing I did was take her outside and ground her feet for 10 minutes. Temp dropped 2.1 degrees. No Motrin and no OTC drugs or prescriptions ever for her in her 4 .5 years.
    Cold Tub:

    6 sessions for 1:34. Only day missed was son's birth.

    Month of march 25 sessions for 6 hours and 2 minutes. 25 sessions is new PR.

    Passed FitRanX level 7. Or just by my standards, have to wait on official judges from Ftiranx HQ. Passed the 2nd version of level 7 on April 1, 2016, and version 3.0 on april 1 2019 🙂
    Getting outside more and more for at least part of my workout and sometimes the whole thing.
    Last week just 1 new PR in 1-hand pushups.
    8821 average last week. 1st time under 10 k in while.
    11159 for march.
    Have been increasing carbs a little since Spring officially started. But still eating LCHF for most part with at least 1-4 servings of seafood a day. Can't wait till these veggies come in season!
    still reading 4th phase of water.
    got through quite a few blog posts from Jack this week.
    Got a bunch of binders and have been organizing the blogs in series, or non-series for paid and non-paid stuff.
    Has sucked the last 4 nights. Up at least 5 times through out the night. However haven't needed any caffeine at all. Grounding and sunshine works!

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