• Improvement Warrior Fitness- Challenges To Improve

    Improvement Warrior Fitness Challenge:

    Challenges and boards-

    As an Improvement Warrior you are always striving to improve. These challenges give you something to shoot for. A goal.

    With each level you get to comes greater pride and accomplishment. Staying the same is for average people. We at IWF want to be the strongest version of ourselves.
    Every Transition Week we will have a challenge day. Most Transition Weeks we will have a Challenge Day at the Hilliard Studio and the Downtown Studio, if there isn't a make up day.
    You can get on these boards at anytime during the phase. The tests can be attempted at anytime during the phase, just ask your coach. More tests will be added. Each challenge day we will alternate the challenges so you can attempt to get onto the board.


    More boards of achievement in the future

    1.) Inches Lost: Be sure to take pictures- before and after!

    • 5″
    • 10″
    • 15″
    • 20″
    • 25″
    • Others will be created as needed

    2.) Weight Loss: Be sure to take pictures- before and after!

    • 10 pounds
    • 20 pounds
    • 30 pounds
    • 40 pounds
    • 50 pounds
    • 75 pounds
    • 100 pounds
    • Others will be created as needed

    The Challenges:

    1.) 4-minute pushup test- Red Lights- Red

             Begin the test in the up position.
             Start the timer before the first descent.
             For a rep to count, you must go all the way down until the elbow is at least at a 90-degree angle (chest 2 inches off the floor) and lock out the elbows at the top. The core must stay locked and move up and down with every rep using the toes as the fulcrum of the movement.
             You can rest/stop whenever you want, but the clock must keep running.
             Poor reps in terms of body position or putting down a knee before a rep is completed don’t count toward the total score.
             Stop counting when 4 minutes have elapsed and record your score.
    Testing Advice
    Pacing during the test is critical to achieving your best score. Although I like to jump out with a big number in my first set, I caution you not to push your initial sets to complete fatigue because once you’re out of gas, you don’t have enough time during the test to recover.
    When you feel you’re slowing down, rest for 15 seconds and then start again. As you get more tired, however, you may have to rest more often and then you must try to bang out as many smaller sets as you can until the finish.
    If your wrists bother you, perform the push-up on your knuckles, which keeps the wrists in a more neutral position.
    Make sure to complete each rep. There’s nothing worse than going for an extra rep, missing, and not adding to your score.
    Male Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior-  100
    • Gold- 80
    • Silver- 65
    • Bronze- 50
                Female Rankings
    •  Improvement Warrior-  75
    •  Gold- 60
    •   Silver- 45
    •   Bronze- 30

    Results- 8/1/13

    • Renee Inks 62 Gold TOP PERFORMER

    • Sandy Lindsay 52 Silver

    • Emily Breighner 50 Silver

    2.) Chin Up or Inverted Row- Red Lights- NONE

    Chin up- Grasp the overhead bar using either an overhand grip (palms facing away from body) or underhand grip (palms facing toward body), with the arms fully extended. The subject then raises the body until the chin clears the top of the bar, then lowers again to a position with the arms fully extended. The pull-ups should be done in a smooth motion. Jerky motion, swinging the body, and kicking the legs is not permitted. As many full pull-ups as possible are performed. The client may rest at the top or bottom without letting go of the bar.  The test is completed when the client fails to complete two consecutive attempts or the test is stopped by the coach or client.
    Male Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior-  15
    • Gold- 12
    • Silver- 10
    • Bronze- 8
    Female Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior- 8
    • Gold- 6
    • Silver- 4
    • Bronze- 1
    Inverted Row– Using the Universal Strength Apparatus (USA)  The client will then get into position with USA.  Client needs to be as low to the ground as possible and as parallel as possible.   The client will then perform as many reps as possible in a continuous fashion. For the rep to count the arms must start fully extended, the hands must touch the sides of the ribs or chest or obliques, and then return to the fully extended position.  No kipping is allowed, the body must move together as one unit.  The client can rest at the bottom if needed.  The test is ended once the client fails to complete a full rep on two consecutive tries or it is stopped by the coach or client.
                Male Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior-  22
    • Gold- 18
    • Silver- 16
    • Bronze- 12
                Female Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior- 15
    • Gold- 12
    • Silver- 10
    • Bronze- 8

    Results 8/1/13

    • Emily Breighner 9 Bronze TOP PERFORMER

    3.) Bridge Endurance- Red Lights- Orange

    Assume a basic bridge position, with your weight resting on your forearms and toes. Your body should form a straight line from neck to ankles. You want your feet hip-width apart and your elbows directly below your shoulders. Set the PVC pipe along your back. It should make contact at three points: the back of your head, between your shoulder blades, and your tailbone. Hold that position. Stop if your body loses contact with the dowel at one of these three points.
    • Improvement Warrior-  3:00
    • Gold- 2:30
    • Silver- 2:00
    • Bronze- 1:45

    4.) Standing Broad (Kangaroo) Jump- Red Lights- Green, Yellow and Orange

    Procedure: The athlete (YOU) stands behind a line marked on the ground with feet slightly apart. A two foot take-off and landing is used, with swinging of the arms and bending of the knees to provide forward drive. The subject attempts to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet without falling backwards. Three attempts are allowed.
    Scoring: The measurement is taken from take-off line to the nearest point of contact on the landing (back of the heels). Record the longest distance jumped, the best of three attempts.
    Male Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior-  8’6”
    • Gold- 7’6”
    • Silver- 7”
    • Bronze- 6’6”
    Female Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior- 7’
    • Gold- 6’6”
    • Silver- 6’1”
    • Bronze- 5”8

    Results 8/1/13

    • Emily Breighner 6'0″ Bronze TOP PERFORMER

    • Renee Inks 5'9″ Bronze

    5.) Bear Crawl For Distance- Red Lights- None

    Bear crawl will start at one end of turf or room. Client must bear crawl to end of turf or room and touch wall and then turn around. Each touch is equal to one length. Client can stop and rest in top of bear crawl position up to 3 times for a maximum of 5 seconds, Coach will be counting. The test is ended once client cannot go any further or is ended by client or coach.
    • Improvement Warrior- 18 Lengths
    • Gold- 15 Lengths
    • Silver- 12 Lengths
    • Bronze- 10 Lengths

    Results 8/1/13

    • Emily Breighner 15 Gold TOP PERFORMER

    • Renee Inks 10 Bronze

    6.) 2:00 Burpee or Squat Thrust test

    Red Lights Full Burpee- Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple

    Red Lights Squat Thrust- Orange, Yellow

    Client Starts in standing position. Drop hands to floor, kick legs back (legs must go to at least 75% extension), Perform pushup (chest must be at least 2″ from floor), bring legs back, stand and jump. Women can perform pushups on knees. Can perform psycho burpee variation where after jump client falls directly to floor into pushup.
    Male Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior-  40
    • Gold- 35
    • Silver- 31
    • Bronze- 25
    Female Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior- 30
    • Gold- 26
    • Silver- 21
    • Bronze- 17
    Squat Thrust:
    Client starts out in standing position. Drop hands to floor, kick legs back (legs must go to at least 75% extension), bring legs back, stand. Must stand up so that arms are extended and can still touch kneecaps.
    Male Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior-  60
    • Gold- 50
    • Silver- 44
    • Bronze- 39
    Female Rankings
    • Improvement Warrior- 50
    • Gold- 41
    • Silver- 36
    • Bronze- 32


    7) Bar Hold- Red lights none

    Grab pullup bar and hold on as long as possible. Test ends when feet hit floor

    Rankings all

    • Improvement Warrior- 3:00
    • Gold- 2:30
    • Silver 2:00
    • Bronze 1:30

    Results 8/1/13

    • Renee Inks 2:19.25 Silver TOP PERFORMER