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    Improvement Warrior fitness has been through many changes since opening up in 2007. Our clients have changed, our workouts have changed, our name has changed, our philosophy on training and nutrition has changed. But all this change means one thing for you- RESULTS!


    When  you join our group training program in either Hilliard or Downtown Columbus, Ohio- You expect results, you expect to Improve! And YOU WILL!  And we have the proven fitness and strength systems to get it done.

    But it starts with you and your willingness to CHANGE!

    Select the program that interests you the most:

     Group Fitness Training with a Personal Touch

    Join in on the secret of how to lose up to 8 pounds of body fat a month and increase your energy levels by 63% so you can start living YOUR LIFE! 

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    Weight loss fitness classes in Downtown Columbus, OH



    Fitness and Nutrition are just one aspect of what we do. We will educate you on everything we know to get you better in fitness and nutrition. But if you are not willing to change on the inside, nothing will happen on the outside.

    If you don't know how to change from the inside, don't worry. We will help you with that as well.

    We realized that the Columbus area needed a program that ‘does it all'. A place where you can go and get an awesome workout, not feel self conscious, or be around a bunch of meatheads. You get all of that and more! You'll discover the MORE when you browse through the website.

    But the results you get will be none like you have experienced. Awesome results! Each workout is different. The Coaches know they're stuff, and our very friendly (for the most part 😎 ) The other clients are just like you, except they are experienced life changing results at Improvement Warrior Fitness! Check it out:


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    Hilliard weight loss program bootcamps improvement warrior fitness hilliard weight loss class

    Neck: 16.00/17.00 (-1) Chest: 53.00/ 50.00 (-3) Arm (right bicep): 15.50/ 16.25 (+.75) Waist (@umbilicus): 43.00/ 45.00 (-2) Hips: 43.00/ 45.00 (-2) Thighs (right): 22.50/ 23.00 (+.5) Calves (right): 16.25/ 15.50 (-.75) Weight: 232 (-18)

    Neck: 16.00/17.00 (-1)
    Chest: 53.00/ 50.00 (-3)
    Arm (right bicep): 15.50/ 16.25 (+.75)
    Waist (@umbilicus): 43.00/ 45.00 (-2)
    Hips: 43.00/ 45.00 (-2)
    Thighs (right): 22.50/ 23.00 (+.5)
    Calves (right): 16.25/ 15.50 (-.75)
    Weight: 232 (-18)


    You can browse around the website, check out all of our services. If you have any questions that is not answered on the website, please email us.

    jason yun fitness, weight loss and personal training

    Hilliard fitness clients losing weight and changing life

    The Above Improvement Warriors earned their Black Bands by Improving a little each day. Getting stronger each day and perfecting their form everyday. Will You Get Your Black Band!


    Yun Strength & Fitness Systems, LLC BBB Business Review


    1. Connie Scholl
      November 17, 2013 at 5:30 pm

      I’m interested in the Saturday workouts

      • November 17, 2013 at 5:54 pm

        Connie, I will send you an email.

    2. jim dodson
      January 28, 2014 at 4:54 pm

      I used to receive your emails(jyun@yunbootcamps.com) and would like them to resume.

    3. Melissa Thompson
      March 12, 2014 at 1:33 pm

      I am interested in the 2 free weeks …