• Hilliard Personal Trainer 40th birthday Treat Day

    Jason Yun's 40th Birthday Treat Day

    Jason yun donut and pancakes

    I celebrated my 40th birthday in style. A massive treat day. Not a cheat 🙂 This day was planned a while ago. What's my strategy for eating this way and not having ill effects (or minimizing it as much as possible…….

    Macros from my birthday treat day and yesterday. 9973 calories ??on my birthday.

    Nutritionist columbus, OH keto, LCHF

    Yesterday 7 (fasting day).

    Ketogenic and low carb dietician Improvement Warrior Fitness

    Today will be around 2500-2800, tomorrow will be a cleanse day (500-550).

    For the 4 days my average will be right around 3300 calories which is right around my BMR (basal metabolic rate with activity). Find out yours here. 

    Around 2900-3200 is the amount of calories I need to consume to maintain my weight of about 174-178. If I wanted to lose weight and body fat i would need to eat SLIGHTLY less– like 300-500 a day. SLIGHTLY being the key word

    The big problem is most people, especially women cut their calories by 500-1000 or more. This destroys the metabolism and health. You need to eat to lose weight and body fat. Starving yourself is NOT the answer.

    I have a strategy for enjoying these treat days and meals and not having ill effects. Coming later this month I'll be doing a nutrition seminar on calories, treat meals and toxins.

    Hilliard, OH trainer eats thurman burger

    You need a strategy for your nutrition plan. Otherwise you will be a constant state of cravings, low energy, weight gain, body fat addition, slowed metabolism and health.

    This is not a game. This is life and the only one we get. Live it to the fullest. Improvement warrior diet book will be created by these upcoming seminars, so don't miss them ?? ???


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