• Hilliard Yoga Testimonial- Be the Improvement Warrior

    Katelyn: My name is Katelyn.

    Rick: And I’m Rick

    Katelyn: Well this is my 9th time here and I really like it. I’ve never done yoga before so it’s good as a beginner and as I progress,  there’s moves you can do that are little more advanced if you want too, so it’s good for any kind of level.

    Rick: I think it’s easier now for beginner but yet challenging enough for people who have progress a little bit, still I’ve got better of some more poses but some are still pretty hard.

    Katelyn: There are balances.

    Question: Has Improvement Warrior Yoga improved your relationship?

    Katelyn: I think it’s a help. I think it’s just a general way to destress, whether we do it together or not, I think it’s added bonus that we do it together just we kinda do an activity together and we both kinda destressing it from the day and can go home and be more relaxed and enjoy our time out of working together at home.

    Rick: And it helps with blocking of stress all your breathing techniques and do help keep the bad thoughts out.

    Katelyn: We also did the regular classes together. Couple months ago, we really enjoyed those two. It’s kind of automatic support system with you when your with your significant other, we kinda challenge each other, push each other and think that’s a good extra bonus too so, we enjoy that as well. Come to Improvement Warrior Yoga.

    Rick: Be the improvement warrior.


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