• Hard Vs. Easy Workouts- You Choose- New Albany, Ohio

    Hard Versus Easy Workouts- You Choose- New Albany, Ohio

    This blog post Hard Versus Easy Workouts-You Choose comes directly from the Improvement Warrior Newsletter.

    Some workouts are harder than others.

    Some people specifically make them easy.

    Life isn't easy.

    Some specifically make them harder.

    ‘If you want your life hard do what is easy. If you want your life easy do what is hard.' ~Les Brown.

    I remember an interview with the late, great Walter Payton. He was answering a question about his workout regime and he responded ‘What I try to do is I try to kill myself.'

    That is a mindset. Hard Versus Easy Workouts is a mindset. Obviously it worked for the 13 years he dominated in the NFL. However, did it play a role in his death at 45?

    We'll never know.

    I always like to find somewhere in between. Every once in a while I take it a little easier. And every once in a while I lay it all out.

    I listen to my body.

    Especially since I plan to be working out until I die.

    And especially since I have suffered major injuries and set backs from doing things wrong in my lifting career which is now 30.5 years long.

    3 or 4 years ago I set an internal goal of living to 143 years old. I did so after hearing on a podcast, Dave Asprey, the founder of bulletproof coffee said his goal was to go to 150-160 years old.

    I since have stopped listening to Dave and recommending his products/podcast to others. Long story. But he basically cares more about selling his supplements over everything else, even at the detriment of some people's health. Not everybody is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to supplements. Some will hurt you and some will kill you.

    Based on what I have learned in the past 2 years I no longer think it is possible to live that long…..reason being is the technology and electrosmog that we have created. And are continuing to create and make ‘better'.

    ‘Better' tech means worse health for all living creatures on this earth.

    However…….HARD workouts will always be HARD. We just need more people to push their limits.

    Hard Versus Easy Workouts is a mindset. You choose.

    When you push your limits with weights/exercises that challenge you YOU GROW.

    Physically and mentally and emotionally.

    It's very hard to explain if you have never experienced it.

    I have so many workouts I have written in my 13 years owning my business. For my physical clients, for my online clients, for myself. Probably at least 3500 workouts.

    I started recently putting down on paper again with my mechanical pencil I've had since high school.

    I call it Pencil Strength.

    new albany strength coach and personal trainer

    You can check it out on my Patreon channel. 

    Of course I still have the follow along workouts on LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts.

    And my Improvement Warrior Online Training written on the wodify app.

    Key is to get it in. No excuses.

    New albany, gahanna fitness trainers and online interval training

    Just don't be the person who goes to the gym with no plan.

    ‘The man with no plan will get nowhere.'

    Just 25% of the US works out 3x a week or more. I'm hoping that number has increased since the quarantine, but it probably has gone down. Humanity has shown me it's weak. Weaker than I thought. From that our kids are getting weaker. I refuse to be weak.

    Don't be average. Don't get caught up in the suck.

    The here and now is the only place we live. Past is gone. And we make our future with our present actions.

    train hard, lose weight lose body fat, leptin

    Have a great day! And Patriot's Day. ALways remember! Then always take action! We need better humans.

    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior!

    This blog post Hard Versus Easy Workouts-You Choose comes directly from the Improvement Warrior Newsletter.

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