• Free Donuts & Burgers For The Sheeple

    Free Donuts & Burgers For The Sheeple

    Wanted to talk a little differently about the meme above.

    obesity deaths from donuts and burgers

    This meme is going around and I wanted to share a different perspective.

    You can lose weight eating donuts and burgers ?.

    You can lose fat too.

    You can do that on pretty much any diet– Usain Bolt's latest gold medal performance he ate 100 Chicken McNuggets a day.

    Burgers can be one of the healthiest foods, as long as it isn't a fake vegan ‘burger' or a factory farm soy and corn fed burger like the one they are promoting from McDonald's or Wendy's or the cheap ass meat you find at your grocery.

    When you eat is also even more important than What. #CircadianNutrition or check out the video below.

    What you eat will not play as big a role in obesity as other factors.

    Obesity like all other diseases is a loss of energy or a loss of electrons.

    too many protons not enough electrons fat obesity

    This is one of the hardest lessons for fat people to learn…….remember calories are energy, but fat people are in a energy deficit not an energy excess.

    They have less electrons and are losing them constantly and they have too many protons and are gaining too many (this is the mechanism for ANY disease).

    Blue light will make you fat without any food. nnEMF aka Electro-Pollution, will too. Both make a dehydrated mitochondria, and they don't work properly without water.

    dehydrated cells mitochondria jack kruse jason yun

    Living the life of an indoor zoo animal is one of the biggest issues because solar exposure sets off and controls our circadian rhythm, hormones….which basically controls you and the outcome you have with your body and health.

    How you breathe, how you think, the water you drink and bathe in are also some of the things that will influence obesity.

    78% of hospitlizations and death from ‘Ko veed' are from obesity releated diseases and problems. But let's face it–these people are not dying from Koo Veed, they are dying from not taking care of themselves for years and in some cases 5+ decades.

    Obese people die of covid-19 and go to hospital

    The decision to be healthy is not determined by injecting toxic chemicals. If you want to get it, fine. But realize you are not healthy. If you thought you were ‘healthy' before the jab, you are not anymore because it simply is impossible to inject those ingredients and still be healthy. Digesting and injecting are compltetly different processes.

    pros anc oons for covid jab



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