• Fitranx-March-2019

    FitRanX Level Up- Hilliard, OH Group Fitness

    Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. Big congrats! Always be moving forward. 

    ?Death of Greatness ☠️

    Whenever you say ‘it's good enough', it means it is the death of greatness.

    You can't achieve anything worthwhile for an extended period of time living this way.

    I think it was the Ultimate Warrior, or Zach Even Esh who said it.

    So far this year in 2018 I have only missed 1 training session. I don't say this to impress you, but to impress upon you the changes that occur with consistency. It is my Ultimate belief that the training- the physical training- makes me better. Obviously there are other things that I do that make me better, but I believe this one thing drives it further then anything.

    Especially my mental toughness. Because I fail alot with my training. And if I didn't fail I would not become better. Because I know I'm pushing my limits when I'm failing.

    However the weights and reps and exercises that I fail with today are the ones I'm eventually smashing and succeeding with.

    The most important thing with training is doing it when you don't feel like it. That is what changes a person inside and out.

    I've been training regularly since I was 13. The only times I took an extended break was 10 days, then 3 months (both to recover from wrist injuries), and then 9 months (to recover from a back injury– BTW that was also the lowest point in my life with major depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide ?- coincidence? I think not).

    So many people take life for granted and say ‘it's good enough.'

    Everything can be better. Don't fear the unkown. Push for greatness. It's within you. It won't come out making excuses.

    You got this!

    I'll believe in you until you believe in you!

    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Ultimate Improvement Warrior!

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