• Fitranx-Janaury-2019

    FitRanX Level Up- Hilliard, OH Group Fitness

    Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. Big congrats! Always be moving forward. 

    The time is now! ?

    Now is not the time to Coast the rest of the year. Because any time that you coast and you take things easy oh, then that is when you fall behind. ?
    You have to take no prisoners attitude, every single day. Now with the holidays and the Gatherings you can relax a day or two. However don't let that turn into a week or two because that will turn into a month or two and then that will turn into a year or two and then it's going to suck catching back up. ?
    And unfortunately a lot of people won't be able to catch up because of the damage that they did to their selves both physically and emotionally and mentally. ?
    Because if you are not mentally in the game and you are in a canoe with no paddle. Basically the ??? will hit the fan more often than not for you. ?
    So it is time to dominate the rest of 2019 so you can crush the beginning of 2020!
    ? The world? needs you to shine ?today!

    Hilliard strength training program for women


    jon weiss hilliard, oh fitranx

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