• Fitranx-August-2018

    FitRanX Level Up- Hilliard, OH Group Fitness

    Below is a list of everybody who leveled up and those who earned points. Big congrats! Always be moving forward. 

    Must be ?emotionally? in control. Otherwise we're going to let circumstances dictate our actions!

    There are two things we have ultimate control over and that is breath and our thoughts. If we let our thoughts get out of whack our breath will get out of whack and vice versa. So we must be in control

    T. F. A.R. thoughts, feelings, actions, results! This dictate your life ?. Get control! It's going to take time and practice but you are in this thing called life! And yours is not going to end anytime soon because the ?? needs you to shine today and tomorrow and all this week.??


    plan your week to accomplish goals Improvement Warrior

    Get through this thing called life…..


    Everyday and every thing and every circumstance that gets thrown at us in this thing called life—-guess what we get to decide what that means to us.
    If we take every mistake that we ever make and let it Linger on us and let it destroy us then our life basically become a total shit storm???
    However on the opposite end we have the power to react differently??. To react the way a successful ?person will. Because when we never ever give up we are on our way to being successful in whatever you are going after. Because the successful person does not whine, bitch, moan about the things that happen. That is life!
    Persistence and consistency must make up your life!????
    And put a smile??? on your face. As as the Joker says ‘why so serious!?'
    Move forward on this day and this week and this month! Get done what you need to get done. Don't over stress, don't overthink. But just do and just be!
    The ?world? needs you to shine today???

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