• ‘Fired’ for Blue-Blocking Glasses | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 19

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    ‘Fired’ for Blue-Blocking Glasses | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 19

    In episode #19, I discuss an event that happened to me when I was ‘hired’ as a part-time personal trainer and then let go because of my blue-blocking glasses. I talk about certain issues with the Fitness industry in this regard and how if they do not co-exist with the field of Quantum Biology and Circadian Biology then are they really any different from other industries just attempting to pump as much money as they can from people without truly getting to the root problem of their health issues.
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    Highlights discussed from ‘Fired’ for Blue-Blocking Glasses Podcast:

    1. Why I was ‘fired’ for blue-blocking glasses?
    2. Why the fitness industry and most fitness programs and trainers are not truly about your health?
    3. When it is a lot easier to change?
    4. Why everybody should have respect for 50 Cent, regardless if you like his music or not?
    5. Why does it takes me so long to accept light as the main driver of health and disease?
    6. How are ego destroys us?
    7. Why I had to be re-introduced to Dr. Jack Kruse. Hint: I had a huge big ego
    8. The 2 things we have ultimate control over.
    9. Is coffee every day healthy?
    10. Why change is somewhat of a lie to yourself?
    11. Why Fitness does not equal health
    12. Why Weight loss does not equal health? Have you ever seen the Biggest Loser reunion?
    13. Why losing weight may hurt you in the long run?
    14. One big secret the fitness industry DOES NOT want you to know.
    15. What are the #1 and #2 reasons TO work out?
    16. What happens to you if you follow traditional weight loss advice?
    17. Why do most people block, ignore or call you names if you present info/facts that go against their beliefs.
    18. Why do you always need to open a window?
    19. Why every industry that cares about health, or pretends to care about your health, needs to coexist with circadian biology?
    20. When should you NOT work out?
    21. Why do I see fitness and nutrition as simply giant factory belts just keeping you on a hamster wheel?
    22. When you should fire your trainer or nutritionist for a half-truth?
    23. Why everybody should tape their mouth shut?
    24. Why a paycheck or a certain lifestyle can make you turn your head when the truth hits you or facts.
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    Improvement Warrior Podcast Release Date 05/18/2022. Length 58:35


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