• Epi-Paleo Diet Webinar Part 1

    Paleo, LCHF, Keto is good but it will not get you to optimal.

    We are the mammal with the biggest brain. We have been able to out-smart every other creature on earth and also outsmart our environment. It has caused us to create diseases that were simply unheard of 100+ years ago.

    The Paleo diet is an awesome diet and is still going strong. However, it is not how we came to be. There was a period before the Paleolithic time were we developed as humans and homo sapiens.

    If you are sick with any disease then Paleo, keto, LCHF will simply not be enough to restore your health to the levels you want; espeically to return your brain to health. All disease starts with inflammation. The inflammation has to start at the brain level. So you must heal the brain to bring back health.

    Feeling better

    Most people who switch from the Standard American Diet to one of the 3 mentioned diets will feel remarkebly better and can possibly turn a lot of diseases around. Unfortunately it still cannot prevent the diseases of aging we see today (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, obesity, Alzheimer's, etc…) Now it can extend the time to presentation of those diseases.

    However, we want to live long and healthy and just die because we just get too old.

    The Epi-Paleo Diet

    Enter the Epi-Paleo diet.

    Epi- here does not mean higher up or better then Paleo like the Webster Dictionary definition. Rather it stands for Epi-Genetics. 

    Epi-Genetics is the reason we see all these diseases that we see today. Everything mentioned earlier, along with auto-immune diseases, MS, ALS, osteroporsis, and the list goes on and on. And we are seeing them in younger and younger people. Remember when Type 2 diabetes used to be called ‘Adult-Onset Diabetes.'?


    Epi-Genetics relates to your environment. You create your environment either on purpose, by accident, or because of your beliefs.

    ‘You cannot find Wellness in the same environment you got ill in.'

    The quote pretty much says it all.

    Your environment can be a lot of different things:

    • the food you eat or don't eat
    • How often you are outside vs. inside
    • Where you live?
    • Where you workout
    • Who you hang around with
    • Where you hang around
    • Where you sleep
    • How you sleep
    • Your current mindset
    • Your technology behaviors

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    The Epi-Paleo Webinar Part 1: The Nutrients Needed To Heal & Run Your Brain



    Part 1-1

    Part 1-2



    Ready for Part 2??

    Epi-Paleo Webinar PART 2- DHA

    This webinar is a premium Improvement Warrior University content.

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    In this IWU Webinar we discuss  DHA and it's role in creating our nervous system and brain. Also why DHA is the most important nutrient in terms of food to be eating. We also discuss to fish oil or not to fish oil and the benefits and risks associated with that.

    Be sure that you watch Epi-Paleo Diet Webinar part 1 again before watching part 2.

    Topics covered in Epi-Paleo Webinar Part 2:

    • Recap Inflammation
    • DHA and electricity
    • Epi-genetics vs Genetics and Charles Darwin
    • how DHA created our brain and eventually humans
    • Why other Omega-3's cannot convert to DHA
    • DHA and Vision and what Fake Blue Light does to it
    • Why DHA is master of DNA
    • The Couple that determines every modern man disease
    • DHA's double bonds & Pi-Electron Cloud
    • DHA vs DPA
    • Why seafood trumps Fish Oil pills
    • Why most fish oils are bad
    • Quantum mechanics and how it connects to DHA
    • What DHA does with sunlight's photons via the Photoelectric effect
    • Iodine's super importance to humans
    • Dr. Cunnane on why DHA & Iodine matter so much
    • How technology destroys DHA

    This webinar is paid members only content.

    You can become a member of Improvement Warrior University here:

    Or purchase the Epi-Paleo Diet Webinar Part 2 DHA ala carte seperately here.


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