• Don’t Run To Get In Shape- New Albany, Ohio Strength Training

    Don't Run To Get In Shape- New Albany, Ohio Strength Training

    Tuesday I talked about sprinting. So wanted to stay with a running type subject. Don't RUN TO GET IN SHAPE.

    This includes sprinting, but also includes jogging or distance running even more.

    A lot of people still think running is a good way to get in shape.

    It is not.

    You have to be in shape to start running. Don't Run To Get In Shape

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    Otherwise you won't be running for too long.

    Running is the most injured activity. 7 out of 10 people per year.

    A lot of the times it is incorrect form……again HIRE A COACH.

    If you are a runner or know one- get the book BORN TO RUN by Kelly Starrett (he's the author of the pain bible Becomeing a Supple Leopard- which everybody should have)


    But a lot of the other injuries come from being out of shape. Distance running puts like 3-5 x your weight on your joints- knee, hip, ankle, low back. So being 20, 30, 40 50+ pounds out of shape is not wise to start running.

    Now multiply how many steps someone will take in a mile, 5 k, 10k, etc….. 

    Starrett always says when we are born we have about 110 years of good joints, tendons, bones and mobility.


    But what we do during our life can make that true, or severely shorten it.

    In my opinion that is the reason we don't see a lot of people in their 60's or higher still running. Or even in their 40's and 50's.

    Plus cardio makes you fat. It's why I only really walk for cardio. Now I do sprint, but that's high intensity work. You can check out the blog post I did about cardio and body fat here.

    Now some people may say but I lost so and so weight while running, or my friend did……….

    Yeah, but at what cost?

    ANytime we focus on weight we sacrfice health. Losing weight too fast or the wrong way (eat less, move more) depletes our stem cells–you run out of those equals organ failure or it choses ongogenesis aka cancer—-believe it or not cancer is a way to extend life of a cell when someone lives in an environment that poisons our healthy ones too fast.

    Plus you screw your hormones up big time. If your hormones suck then your redox goes down, your battery goes down—aka your energy sucks…..and life is all about energy.

    Remember, there is an older you waiting in the wings 10-40 years from now. But we only get there one day at a time. One choice at a time. Are you heading towards the typical old person with old person problems?

    What's the best weight controller exercise-wise??? Strength training (No machines)

    What's the best weight controller diet-wise??? DHA and Iodine- aka seafood (why?- best electron catcher and brain nutrients- broken brain = broken body)

    seafood protein jason yun DHA DPA

    What's the best weight controller overall? The sun (Why? Elctrons and photons)

    Always remember Electrons, protons, photons make the world and humans go round.

     If you have a weight problem or any disease you have too many protons (aka inflammation) and not enough electrons. Protons have 2000x more mass than an electron. We get 2/3 of our electrons from the sun, and being connected to nature. And just 1/3 from food– seafood has the most, fat second, other protein, then IN-Season carbs.

    Eat too many carbs out-of-season that will steal electrons from you, causing more protons to build up inside your mitochondria, casuing the cell to swell and get BIGGER

    mitochondriac and improvement warrior for improvement and greatness don't run to get in shape

    If you need help with anything let me know.

    P.S. If you still have a young athlete that has a coach that thinks running is conditioning- it is not and they probably are damaging your young athlete's potential. Check out the blog post below for more info and share it with their coach.

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