• Does artificial blue light really hurt you? (Circadian Rhythm part 5)

    Does artificial blue light really hurt you? (Circadian Rhythm part 5)

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    Does artificial blue light really hurt you?


    Yes! And here are just a couple reasons why.




    Melanopsin is our BLUE LIGHT DETECTOR. But it wants blue light from the sun because that is accompanied by all the other frequencies, especially red light. 42% of all sunlight that comes to Earth is in the red spectrum.


    Vitamin A is connected with melanopsin. When we come in contact with artificial blue light it breaks them apart. If this is chronic then vitamin A will drop. Vitamin D & Vitamin A are tightly coupled in our system. One drops the other will too.


    If those go low than watch out for magnesium, vitamin K, LDL and a host of others going low too. LDL is vital to health—it is not the bad cholesterol you've been trained to believe.

    (If you want an in depth Cholesterol/Statin lesson- I have recorded 3-4 webinars on Cholesterol in my Private Health Group on Facebook DM For an invite)


    Take a look at the meme attached. This happens at sunrise!!

    ldl cholesterol and hormones mitochondrial health

    Artificial lighting and technology destroys the link between vitamin A and melanopsin. This action can be associated with every single disease. It destroys circadian signaling.


    Artificiail lighting was created in 1879, however, the first city to officially ‘light up’ was Paris. And that was not until 1924. So not even 100 years yet. Look how far disease progression has progressed–obviously there is other factors that compound the disease epidemics we are facing today.


    Blue light is a nnEMF. It is electro-pollution. Dehydration is a huge effect on our body. Nothing works properly when we are dehydrated—mitochondria, melatonin, hormones, energy production, ATP production, etc……


    Dehydration is the #1 effect of nnEMF


    Look at the picture below? How much melatonin do you want to give up?? Can you guess the kind of lights in your phone 🙂

    melatonin and artificial blue light



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    Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior!

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    Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!


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