• Columbus Nutritionist Meal Plan- What I Ate 6.23.15

    Columbus and Hilliard Nutritionist and meal plans

    So I figured I would post what I eat everyday to show people that eating healthy is not that hard, it just takes a mindset or shift in perspective and some planning. I will also be posting my workouts on here as well.

    I'm currently in the middle of our 1st ever 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge and yesterday was day 29 of the challenge.

    Meal 1 815 am

    • 1 egg
    • 1 bacon
    • 1 chicken liver, I think a heart and some other organ smile emoticon
    • 1- tbsp bacon grease
    • 1 tbsp OCO (organic Coconut oil)
    • mixed veggies rainbow chard and cabbage. Usually I fill a glass pyrex bowl with these about 2-3 cups worth
    • 1 EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
    • 8 oz bone broth

    Meal 2—- 1145 am– Normally don't have mid-day snacks but was going out to do a lot of walking. Snacks are a thing of the past with KETO!

    • 1/2 cup almonds


    Meal 3 145 pm- Butter is health food if you haven't heard 🙂

    • chicken salad
      -3 oz chicken and 2 tbsp butter and EVOO and mustard

    Meal 4— 400 pm

    • ice- cream–
    • 2 tbsp OCO and Natural Peanut butter,
    • 1 tbsp coconut flour,
    • 1/4 cup coconut milk,
    • 3/4 cup scoop isapro protein,
    • 1 tsp cocoa powder,
    • 1 tbsp EVOO

    Meal 5 900 pm

    • 2 eggs with 2 oz chicken omelet
    • 3 tbsp OCO
    • mixed veggies
    • 2 cups bone broth
    • 1 100% chocolate square


    My training today 

    • Worked up to 3 rep maximum (RM) on both dips and pullups (47.5 pounds and 61 pounds)
    • 2 sets of barbell overhead press for 6 reps @ 115
      • supersetted with barbell rows x 11 reps @ 115 lbs
    • Burpees: 25 in :56. Beat previous PR by :02.



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