• Just Cleanse Challenge #2 Results

    jason yun nutritional cleanse expert Hilliard, OH

    Super excited for the results that these three finalists got going through the 2nd Annual Just Cleanse Challenge.

    Please take the time to read through their stories and go through their remarkable transformations in just 30-days.

    Please write in the comments who you think should win


     To read more about and enter the cleanse challenge yourself please visit this page

    Listen to Judy’s Interview here


     Reflection Questions- This is the Transcript from the audio interview above

    1. What were your overall results? (inches, weight, fat)

    Judy: I had a fantastic results during the Cleanse. When I started out, my weight was 194 and now I’m down to 160 in 30 days. It was an amazing transformation and it’s all because of self-control.

    Jason: That’s amazing. That’s 34 lbs. Awesome. Do you know how many inches you lost by chance?

    Judy: I started out at 377.50 inches. The total inches ended at 363.70. The total inches lost were 11.90. (actual inches is 13.8)

    2. What were you fears/concerns when you first decided to participate in cleanse Challenge? What was your ‘diet’ like before?

    Judy: I really cut myself short. I was afraid that I would be hungry. I had to do this for thirty days during work time and during hard exercises that I still have to do with IWF as well as when I was on vacation and that was during the oyster season. It was extremely difficult when I first started because I knew what I had to go through for 30 days. But I was very successful. The Cleanse was mapped out perfectly and I had low carb to maintain during that time.

    I ate a lot more food before. A lot more carbs during the cleanse and during the cleanse, I found that when I ate the carbs and everything that I was eating before made my heart beat quicker and harder. During the course of the Cleanse, my blood pressure dropped, the way I felt, I felt calmer and I believe it was due to changing the diet. I ate a lot of vegetables and not too many fruit because of the sugar but I just became more energetic and I am going to continue with the cleansing products.

    2. Were you pleased with the support that was provided for this Challenge?

    Judy: I used the support. The third day was the worst. I found myself craving carbs and chocolates and things that I normally spoil myself with. The third day was the worst and it gradually progressed and I forgot about that because I knew that it I would eat that I know that I would feel worst. So I want to feel better so I put down and did not spoil myself.


    3. Were you pleased with the  Challenge Manual? How did you use it? Anything missing?

    Judy: I used it for the first three weeks and when I memorized the time that I should eat and what I should eat, then after that it was no-brainer. Yes, I used it and the support was tremendous because I would check on the website and read what other people felt and we’re all in this thing together.

    Jason: Did you go through my Cleanse E-book at all?

    Judy: Yes, I did. You’re such a positive person and a positive trainer. What you put together really guided me through those tough times.

    Jason:  Anything missing?

     Judy: No, I think you touched on everything. It’s just a real personal journey. That’s how I feel about the Cleanse and I was half-heartedly in it the first. I didn’t think I can do it but then I thought about the overall and your past Cleanse participants when I talked to one of them. You have to look at the long term health challenges if you don’t do it. Because I knew I was overweight. I knew I needed the plan. When I spoke to your previous Challenge participants, she kind of gave me that a cheerleading out of the blue thing like what you did. And once I got what she was talking about and I saw the results slowly and I thought, this is for me.

    4. What positive “side effects” did you notice during the Challenge?

    Judy: More energy at 8PM at night and instead of me going to sleep at 8PM, I can push it to another hour and get my household chores done and go to sleep later. My energy level is escalated plus my blood pressure is lower and I can climb the steps now without being winded.

    I feel full. I feel genuinely full after a shake and I go to the snack, the snacks that come with the cleanse and I feel full. That product has a great value for me because of the lifelong health that will bring me. It’s not an average shake like Muscle Milk or the other products that they advertise. It’s genuinely a good product because I used take them off the milk and I still felt cravings. The Shakes tastes good and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Jason: For those listening, Judy is talking about the IsaLean Shake.

    Judy: and the IsaleanPro. The Pro would give me an extra boost when I needed it.

    5. What would you say to a friend considering the Cleanse Challenge at Improvement Warrior Fitness?

    Judy: I would highly recommend this Challenge to a friend and help them through the process for the overall health benefits. At the time when I was going through it, I didn’t look at the long term but the truth is my family has been into health problems in my mom’s side and genetically, I know that if I don’t control my health and  my weight primarily, I will have the same problems when I hit 60/ 65.

    I feel that this program is something that I would recommend to anyone and I would attempt to try to help them through the first initial weeks because that’s hard.

    7. What were some of your favorite products during the cleanse?

    Judy: The vinaigrette instead of the bottled. I eliminated all the salad dressings except for that. I mixed the cleanse recipes with the Keto recipes and I came up with new ones.

    Different power greens Spinach, plantains and some dandelions . I made a salad and then I ate. I took off the majority of the fat and mix that with sweet potatoes and when I did eat fruits I eat a lot of pomegranates and anything that was associated with whatever in the cleanse products, I tried to find it in the grocery store and make new recipes. So that’s how I developed my own recipes – I looked at the back of the cleanse manual and I looked at your manuals and create new recipes based on that.



    Columbus super foods Diet and weight loss challenge


    Kate- Lost 11 pounds during her cleanse

    Reflection Questions

    1. What were you fears/concerns when you first decided to participate in cleanse Challenge? What was your ‘diet’ like before?

    I’ve never done a cleanse challenge before.

    My concerns were related to the eating of processed foods and the sugar that was in it (I only do sugar on special occasions and don’t have ANY in my house (including artificial, honey or maple syrup). So actually this was more sugar than I usually have. I also don’t do any processed foods, so this was way more processed than my usual diet (which consists of whole foods mainly)

    2. Were you pleased with the support that was provided for this Challenge?

    I appreciated the tips you gave me, especially about adding fat to the Isalean shakes.

    Jason Yun Shake Day Tip: I always recommend adding 1-4 tbsp of either extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. The added fat will help to keep blood sugars low and stable for sustained energy as well. The fat will be used up as energy and make it easier to tap into your own personal fat stores to use as energy since blood sugar and insulin is kept to a minimum. Why you shouldn’t fear fat. 

    Grass-fed whey protein or vegan shakes for cleanse

    Jason Yun enjoying a delicious grass-fed shake on one of my shake days. We also have vegan options.

    3. What positive “side effects” did you notice during the Challenge?

    Weight loss. I had been stalled for a really long time.

    Jason Yun Cleanse Tip: When you ‘Cleanse’ the body the fat cells store toxins inside of them. These toxins are released causing weight to drop and eventually return to normal with consistent cleansing. 

    5. What would you say to a friend considering the Cleanse Challenge at Improvement Warrior Fitness?

    I would tell them to give it a try. It wasn’t that hard.

    Jason Yun Cleansing Tip: This will vary person to person. Myself, other past cleanse participants, and our customer support team are there for you 100% as you go through it. For me the only hard part was the first cleanse day. But again will vary from person to person; and the more of a sugar (carb) burner you are the harder it will be. 

    6. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about the Cleanse Challenge?

    The shakes were better if I made them in my nutribullet at home and packed them that way into lunch box with an ice pack. 

    I added a little extra water and ice to shakes because I preferred them thinner.

    Adding cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or allspice to shakes added some variety.

    I’d like to see Isagenix have a variety box available.

    7. Will you be continuing with the cleansing lifestyle? If not what will you be doing instead?

    I will probably continue taking the shakes in my lunch and using them for breakfast when I don’t have time to make eggs. Or on nights like parent teacher conferences. I will probably do a fast day every week until Christmas. Otherwise, we do paleo.


    Molly-Reflection questions coming soon


    To contact Molly about the Cleanse Experience you can email her here or visit her Facebook here.

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    Leave a comment below with who you think should win!


    When Cleanse Days are performed regularly (once week, or one day every other week, or even once a month), the body undergoes a variety of positive changes.

    There are various enzymes that are activated, mitochondria (the energy powerhouse of the cell) are shown to increase in number and become more efficient, oxidative stress is reduced (a hallmark of longevity), and fat is mobilized and used for fuel in the muscle and liver. The Cleanse also revs up detoxification and antioxidant enzymes for cellular health.


    jason yun nutritional cleanse expert Hilliard, OH

    The positive biological changes created on Cleanse Days are enhanced when followed by Shake Days – rich in quality protein, good fats, low-glycemic carbohydrates (especially green and fibrous vegetables), vitamins and minerals. This leads to decreases in body fat (especially visceral fat (the fat stuck around the organs and belly), reduced levels of oxidative stress and inflammation, increased insulin sensitivity, and better maintenance of muscle. There are biochemical changes that lead to reduced number of disease and better health long-term.

    Inflammation opens everybody up to every single disease and sickness known to man. And then your habits, environment, genetics basically determine what happens to you. Person A could become obese, Person B get diabetes, Person C Arthritis, Person D Dementia, and so on.  Inflammation is important for everybody, without it YOU would be dead. But the inflammation we want is acute; we want it to come and go quickly. People who are obese, have diabetes, have arthritis, have dementia, etc…. are bathing in a pool of chronic inflammation.

    Cleansing and especially routine cleanse days help to deliver a severe beat down to chronic inflammation.

    just cleanse nutritional cleansing challenge

    Cleanse Days are simple. Even when you don’t plan them out like this

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      With that said, I pick Judy

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      Judy is my vote.

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      It was hard to decide but ultimately I think Judy wins here.

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      Great job everyone!!! Judy gets my vote but seriously great work to all! 🙂

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