• 47-Day Circadian Nutrition Challenge

    A Complete Health Turn Around Is Possible In Just 47-Days But NOT When You Just Focus On Food & Exercise.

    Circadian Nutrition Is Proving That Carbs Are Not Evil And This Former Gym Owner Is Going To Teach You Exactly What It Is So You Drop At Least 15 Pounds In Just 7 Weeks

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    The next official 47-Day Circadian Challenges kicks off on 5/17/23, but you don't have to wait to start. Register today. Start Tomorrow!

    47-Day Circadian Nutrition Challenge was formerly the 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge

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    Keto/Low Carb/Paleo Year Round And The Same Way Is Hurting Your Health

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    Did You Know: Carbs Kill and Fat Heals?
    This is not true. Carbs out of season are when they kill. Eating the same way year round, for most, is a losing battle.
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    You've Been Lied To For More Then 60 Years, Isn't It About Time You Discovered The Real Secrets To Eating That The FDA Doesn't Want You To Know!

    47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge Is Now The 47-Day Circadian Nutrition Challenge



    Previous Challenge Winner (Keto Challenge) was Jane K. She lost 36.25 inches and 24.5 pounds!
    Jane K Keto Challenge weight loss and inches
    The Greatest Bargain Of Your Life?
    If you have ever been confused, frustrated, or downright angry at following the standard typical nutritional advice put out by people who you trust with your health and nutrition then this challenge is for you. Dispensing with the B.S and providing you with the actual WHY you haven't achieved success in the past and WHY you will within the next 47-days and beyond.
    I launched this challenge as the Ketogenic Diet Challenge in January 2015. Since that time I have learned a lot about keto and about circadian nutrition. A lot of the stuff I first learned with the Ketogenic Diet was wrong, and so what I did and taught my clients was wrong. Luckily for you I am a truthseeker and never stop attempting to improve my health and nutrition.
    I say it all the time now: “Your food is not as important as your light environment.” BUT food is still very important and plays a vital role in our lives.
    Give me 47-Days and I will show you just how this challenge is going to transform your life, energy, and production for the rest of your life. If you live the average life expectancy that's just .0017% of your life…….Talk about a bargain!
    This isn't a Challenge, this is your LIFE!
    Becoming ‘Keto-Adapted' is the process of changing your metabolism from depending mostly on glucose for your fuel to ketones. In other words, switching from using carbs as your fuel source to fat. It does take time for the metabolism to adjust to such a dramatic change but the changes you will feel will be evident within days, but the benefits and improvements will continue for many weeks and months to come.
    The reason Keto works and the reason no ‘Keto Guru' or Low Carb High Fat Guru will tell you is because fat is loaded with electrons. And that's because they probably don't know. All food breaks down to electrons & protons to enter the mitochondria. Electrons go through electron chain transport to ultimately reduce to oxygen. Electrons are basically massless energy. Protons also provide energy but do so at a much greater mass cost. A proton has 1852x the mass of an electron. Keto is a way to fix the balance of energy inside of you.
    But it is ONLY one part of the solution.
    Remember nobody has a weight issue………it is a hormone problem, a circadian rhythm breakdown, or a mitochondrial issue. All of those are basically synonyms for each other.

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    What is Circadian Nutrition and the 47-Day Challenge?

    The 47-Day Circadian Nutrition Challenge, low carb high fat (LCHF), Paleo, Primal, Carnivore…….all are the beginning of your defiance against everything we have ever been taught about what is really a healthy diet; it requires you to open your mind, let go of government nutritional inventions based on how much money it can make for that industry and instead focuses on scientific and real-world based knowledge and application.

    Ketogenic or keto or low carb high fat (LCHF) is a way of eating that has been around since the dawn of man when carbohydrates were scarce and didn't grow and we didn't have cars, planes & trains to get us to a new time zone in a matter of minutes.

    Circadian Nutrition–eating seasonally for your local environment is how we evoloved as well. Carbs didn't make us fat or sick……..and if somebody told you you can never eat an apple again because there's too much sugar in it and it will make you fat that is somebody you need to stop listening to.

    Eating this way has been used to ward off and reverse some major diseases including most cancers, epileptic seizures, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, obesity and a whole lot more

    Think of this as a lifestyle that changes with the weather and takes you away from all the bad stuff. So it kind of is an elimination diet as well.
    Get ready for some BS lies about nutrition………This was something I believed and taught and practiced………  

    And the most important thing we are eliminating is carbohydrates.

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    FALSE! Controlling Blood Sugars Is The Single Most Important Aspect Of Your Nutrition In Terms Of Fat Loss & Health! Used to think that statement was true.
    What you eat doesn't control whether you burn fat or not. Same thing with exercise. You cannot pick some magical exercise that burns more fat than the rest. Fat burning is a mechanism of your mitochondria and the light that it senses primarily on your eyes and skin
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    • Sugar to Fat Burner

    — This is The What that is going to stop you from being ‘Crungy', cranky and hungry. When you eat carbs they get digested and turned into glucose (sugar in your body), in response your body raises blood sugar levels and releases insulin to bring those blood sugar levels down.

    Let me fix that last statement…….When you fix your circadian rhythm & your leptin hormone your body natrually starts to come back online; no longer needing to eat multiple meals per day; your electron to proton ratio balances out so you are able to access your mitochondria's fat burning ability. Again carbohdyrates or fat do not determine the fuel your body will burn.


    • Blood Sugar Control

    — Carbs and too much protein can lead to increases in blood sugar levels. When those levels drop so can you– in terms of your energy and performance. When blood sugar drops down that's usually when you get hungry again.

    People eating the standard american diet are on a blood sugar roller coaster. Up and down throughout the day. Problem with that is you never tap into your fat stores to burn fat, and usually you are pushing more fat into the fat cells making them bigger and fatter– meaning you become bigger and fatter.

    More fixing: fat doesn't just go into fat cells. Again all food gets broken down to electrons and protons. If your fat cells are getting fatter it is because you are losing electrons and your protons are getting backed up, causing swelling of the cell.

    Man Made Blue Artifical light can raise blood sugar without any food. Where you eat your food matters, but there are ways to circumvent. Blue light is one of the easiest ways to destroy your circadian rhythm.

    • More Energy

    — Fat is preferred fuel source for your brain and your heart. Mental clarity goes way up too.

    When your blood sugar and insulin are too high that really affects your brain and your energy– you basically have to eat carbs all day long to fuel yourself to keep going. Of course, we do have to eliminate the complete garbage carbohydrates like wheat, soy, processed carbs (cereals, pasta, bagels), candy, pizza, etc……

    • Blood Panel Improvement

    — Triglycerides go down, Good HDL goes up, LDL switches from the bad particles to the good, fasting glucose levels drop, visceral fat (belly fat) drops, thyroid function improves, blood pressure improves, and much more. Basically everything that determines your health on a blood test goes back to normal, above normal, or to an excellent condition.

    • Better Sleep

    – When your body isn't busy trying to lower blood sugar levels back down and your brain isn't overstimulated with carbs it's a lot easier to fall asleep. Inflammation is down, hormones go back to normal functioning, all lead to a restful, regenerating night of sleep.

    Sleep is the most vital thing that we do. Without proper circadian health good sleep is impossible. Sleep basically takes out the trash and recycles it with good.


    • Fat/Weight Loss

    — I'm sure this is a reason that a lot of people will be entering this challenge. But this is just the byproduct of resetting your circadian health. Once you do that sets off a cascade of awesomeness!

    Circadian Health & Nutrition is not about weight loss. It is about getting healthy. There are no overweight healthy people.

    weight loss for health. Jason Yun circadian nutrition challenge

    Do You Honestly Want To Change Your Life? The 47-Day Circadian Nutrition Challenge Is The Way
    Circadian Nutrition is the way mandolorianUnderstand this is a challenge. And it is not an easy Challenge. This is the gateway to change your life.
    You can find testimonials from our first couple of (keto) challenge participants throughout this page and can see the finalists interview and before/after's here  for challenge #1 and here for challenge #2. You can also see some of the fabulous recipes that the participants made at the bottom of this page.
    There are many different ways to do this and not everybody will be the exact same because where you are starting is different and where you live in the world is different. But I guarantee if you complete the challenge you will never go back to eating the way you did before, simply because you know how great you feel on this type of eating plan ……… and you remember how you used to feel before.
    The tools are important, but more important is YOU!
    By signing up and entering this challenge I need you to promise me one thing………
    You will learn, you will do, and you will teach.
    So you will learn what Circadian Nutrition is all about and the benefits, then you will do by implementing what you learned, and finally you will teach others what you learned. And the cycle repeats.
    Some will listen, some won't.
    That is how you start a revolution. A Circadian Revolution.
    Because I cannot make somebody do this. I can only speak and write the truth, and hopefully that will inspire a person enough to take that first action and actually FEEL and EXPERIENCE the changes that will occur– then that person is changed FOREVER!
    Hopefully that person is YOU!
    Because what we have been doing has made over 3/4 of the United States overweight and over fat, and 80%+ sick and unhealthy.
    This way of eating is going to become the mainstream, and it's going to happen in the next 20 years. You can either become an early adapter and change your life and the life of those around you for the better or you can wait. Those who wait a lot them will get sicker, fatter, and ultimately die prematurely and unhappily.
    But it doesn't have to be that way.
    Now the TOOLS
    1. Intro In-Depth Keto Webinar*
    2. Leptin Hormone Webinars**
    3. Circadian Rhythm Webinars
    4. Epi-Paleo Diet Webinars
    5. 4th edition (24 additional pages from edition 1) 47-Day Keto Challenge Blueprint
    6. Video Series with Jason Yun breaking down the Keto Challenge Blueprint into a Circadian & Seasonally Approach
    7. Access to the 47-Keto Group-Facebook accountability group
    8. Done-For-You Keto/Low carb Recipes (37 total)
    9. Eat This Not That .pdf
    10. Nutrition Cheat Sheet .pdf
    11. Dining Out Cheat Sheet .pdf
    12. Grocery Store Lists .pdf
    13. Leptin Reset Rx cheat sheet.pdf

    **Leptin is the master hormone. It is the controller of all energy metabolism. Energy is pretty important to life. A human with no energy at all we call a cadaver. Some of you starting the keto challenge will also need to start with the Leptin Reset Rx as laid out in the webinars.

    You will feel better, look better, and perform better. Your workout performance will be better, your work performance will be better, and your overall life performance will be better.

    By removing the ‘bad ‘foods', and some of you will be shocked at what ‘the bad' is, you remove the stuff that has been holding you back and you are able to feel, look and perform better then ever!

    Keto Changed My Life But Circadian Nutrition Changed It Even More

    The ketogenic diet has been around for a while. I decided to give it a go in July 2014, literally just 4 days before my daughter was born on July 10th. Our newest edition was added April 3rd, 2019 which was right around the time that I started implementing circadian nutrition & circadian health (September 2018 was the start)

    ME, wife and daughter spencer

    hilliard dietician and keto diet

    Why start a new nutrition challenge days before a very huge life changing event? Because I'm trying to be the best version I can be the strongest version I can be of myself.

    But after doing Paleo since 2011 and feeling the best I've ever felt in my life, I asked myself is there a way to feel and perform better?

    The answer is YES!

    And the way is the ketogenic diet.

    I had first heard of KETO or ketosis or the ketogenic diet back in my body building days back in the early 2000's. I read an article on it that said it was dangerous due to the possibility of ketoacidosis. But I've since learned ketoacidosis is something that is very rare unless you are type one diabetic. But that was the old me. Closed minded to anything.

    Fast forward to the me now open minded to do anything. And very thankful for that. Since starting Keto in July 2014 I've done 4 versions of the diet, all to varying successes, and I have my favorite. But this challenge I will share all of them in the Keto Blueprint.

    There is also a new addition for the webinars and the ebook as of April 2019. Leptin. If you are overweight or don't have any energy then you are most likely leptin resistant (LR). We need to fix that otherwise nothing will change. Keto/LCHF will play a big role in fixing Leptin resistance, but fixing your circadian rythm will play the biggest role here.

    The main things that has happened to me while being going into nutritional ketosis and low carb high fat nutritional protocol then eventually to focusing on my complete circadian health are:

    • No more hunger- I used to eat a minimum of 6 sometimes 10 times a day. Now it's usually just 2. Sometimes it will be just 1.
    • Energy- I sleep better and my energy never crashes morning, afternoon or evening.
    • Constant seeing of my abs– On Paleo my body fat would hover between 13-18. Now it ranges between 8-14%.
    • Not having to plan my days around food– I would constantly have to think where am I going to be, what am I going to eat and when is my next meal. If I was going to a movie I would eat before the movie, eat a protein bar in the middle of the movie, then eat when I got home—WTF?!
    • Save money- Having fat as my main calorie source is a lot cheaper then protein, plus you simply don't need as much protein because fat is protein-sparring.
    • Mental Clarity- This for me has been the biggest and most important factor. When your brain gets the nutrient it craves (FAT) then it works better. 2/3 of our brain is made up of fat!
    • Strength increased– In March 2015 I finally reached 300 pounds in the squat for the first time since my back injury in 2004. Then 2-weeks later I got 315 (below). And 4 years later up to 330. And 5 years later up to 340. Who says strength declines with age?
    • Off Coffee- 10/22/18 I got off of regular coffee. I've had probably 4-5 cups of regular coffee since then. The sun is my coffee now 🙂 Remember caffiene is a drug. If you can't function without it that is a problem. Plus it is one of the easiest ways to dehydrate the body. No water for mitochondria = no fat burning.

    And those are just the physical, outside rewards. A lot of stuff on the inside has changed, including cholesterol profiles improving (good HDL and LDL going up, bad LDL going down), blood sugar levels stabilizing, triglycerides going down, and more and more.

    Now I do have treat meals or even treat days. But I always plan them out so I know when they are coming up, so it becomes a lot easier for me to stick to the plan. I'll teach you how to stick to your plan.

    Plus some of the recipes you'll gain access to actually taste like treats. Wait till you see my ‘ice cream' recipe. Myself and family routinely eat pizza, pancakes, cake, brownies. All it takes is a quick switch of ingredients—-no sugar, no gluten, no soy, no grain! You'll get access to all those recipes as well!

    It's been a real-life changer for me and I hope it will be for you to.

    I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, with little tinkering here and there to fine tune what's best for me and my clients.

    Who is this for?
    • Want to be healthier
    • Open Minded
    • Want more energy
    • Want more mental clarity
    • Tried and failed at diets before
    • Heard the dangers of eating too many carbs
    • Tired of their days revolving around food. Your stomach dictates how often you eat
    • Want reduction in body fat, especially around the waist
    • Want weight reduction | body fat reduction
    • Interested in controlling blood sugar levels
    • Type II Diabetics
    • Type I Diabetics
    • Want to control emotions
    • Women
    • Men
    • Teens
    • Adolescent Children
    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Depression/anxiety
    • Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting and exercise programs
    • Wants to finally get good sleep

    The entry fee for this challenge is $59.

    All previous Keto Challenge participants can enter again for a discounted rate of $29. You will need to email me for the coupon code.


    I'm serious helping people change their lives. But you have got to want it. Don't go half a$$, you are either in or not. Stars never line up perfectly for you to start anything so just jump in. I did– remember– Learn, DO, Teach!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the ‘prizes' for the Circadian Nutrition Challenge?

    Everybody will be rewarded with the prize of better health, energy, sleep, weight/fat loss, and inches gone! If you are entering for any other reason then this might not be the challenge for you.

    If you enter ANY challenge because the reward prizes are something that intrigues you then are you really doing this for the right reasons?
    What will I be eating?
    Fat and protein will always be in-season. From there it all depends on where you are starting, how far you need to go, and where you live.
    Isn't Fat Bad For Your Health?
    This is one of the biggest myths about nutrition. Fat is the preferred fuel source for your body, heart and brain.
    Fat is not the deadly killer and causer of heart disease and stroke and everything else. The USDA got it wrong and are still to this day getting it wrong.
    This will be the biggest misconception that we unveil in the webinar and the challenge!

    I've done low carb before and it didn't work! I felt like crap the entire time.

    Then you simply weren't in a state ketosis. You probably weren't eating enough fat. You probably were eating too much protein, so you were basically hungry all the time.
    No diet that makes you hungry will ever work in the long run. You probably had a broken circadian rhythm, messed up hormones, or mitochondria. Or all 3. Any diet without the sun sucks
    How long does it take to get into ketosis?
    Again this may or may not be you, depening on when you are starting and your starting point. This will vary greatly from person to person. Some can get into it within a few days, others it might take a month or more. The webinar and the Keto Manual for the challenge will go into great depth on the how's of getting into ketosis.
    Is ketosis safe?
    This is a myth that stems again from uneducated people about what it actually is. With the plan being low carb, that doesn't mean it is without nutrition. In fact, you will actually be getting more nutrients then you are probably used to. So everything will start to work properly again.
    Vitamins and Minerals will turn on enzymes that have been dormant; enzymes will control your hormones; your hormones will control YOU– this will include performance, energy, fat loss, sleep, feel good neurotransmitters, and more!!!
    The major criticisms of a ketogenic diet are for the most part theoretical. We do not observe any of these commonly touted issues in our patients.

    ~Dr. David Perlmutter
    Why 47-Days? Why not 30-day challenge like most challenges?
    I'm not a normal person 🙂 I mean I'm living my life as an Improvement Warrior! So I work everyday at not being ‘normal or average' by any means.
    Remember 47-days is just the kick-off. Some people it may take months or years to get yourself back to complete health based on your history. Your health didn't decline in 47-days so expect small changes overtime.
    How many calories should I consume?
    That's the beauty of circadian nutrition. You don't need to count. You eat when your hungry, not by the clock.
    But you do need to eat. Remember calories are ENERGY to your body and mind. No energy coming in, regardless of the type of nutrition plan, your body and mind will not work properly.

    This will be one of the big things besides eating more fat that people need to wrap their head around– you need to eat calories to get healthy and get your ideal body.
    I don't want to lose weight. I just want to get healthy? Is this good for that?

    YES! In fact it is what circadian health is for and all about. This is a ‘getting healthy' diet, not a weight loss diet. Again weight and fat loss will occur, that's one part of being healthy.
    The other parts include the things that really matter for a healthy body to not only function properly but to thrive! So fasting insulin and blood glucose will get under control, blood pressure drops, triglycerides go way down, bad cholesterol goes down, good cholesterol goes up, and on and on.

    Will I have to give up _____ forever?

    It depends on what your goals are and what _____ actually is. If your goal is to stay in ketosis then a lot of things will have to be eliminated. But during this challenge you will find a lot of new things that taste just as good or even better as _______.
    If _____ is pizza or a donut then you have to weigh the consequences with what you are training for?
    Sometimes I will knock it out of the park and have a treat meal or even an entire day. I plan them out in advance and the very next day I'm right back on my plan.
    I have type 2 diabetes, will this plan work for me?
    Again, I'm not a doctor, but I wouldn't trust a regular physician unless they were specifically practicing non-traditional medicine. With that said, in my opinion, if your doctor is ‘managing' your diabetes, so you come back every month or so, then I would find a new doctor. Type 2 diabetes is reversible and curable. And actual type 1 is as well and most diseases are………but not every person is due to false beliefs and mindset issues.
    The Circadian nutrition plan is one way to help reverse it. With type 2 diabetes it's all about issues with maintaining and controlling blood sugar and insulin. 2 things that the circadian nutrition diet does perfectly.
    In the manual we go over a host of diseases and issues that circadian health can help or even cure.
    Are Workouts provided as well?
    Over the course of the challenge our online workout program LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts will be open for you. All the workouts are hosted on a private facebook group.
    I did this before and had amazing results! Is there a way for me to help spread the word?
    Yes! We have a referral program (also known as an affiliate program) where you can help to spread the word for this challenge. We will actually pay you a referral commission for each person who joins our challenge.


    The following testimonials are from our past ketogenic diet challenges. Testimonials for the Circadian nutrition challenge will be coming soon.

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    Julie was our first 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge Winner.
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    It becomes a lifestyle! You'll never go back to your old ways of eating!
    Pauline Testimonial
    Pauline Ketogenic Diet Testimonial Columbus Nutritionist
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    1.5 years later
    My goal was to be 147.5 or under by Thanksgiving. I did it!! This is officially the lowest I have been in years!! Thanks Jason Yun and Improvement Warrior Fitness for introducing me to the keto diet'
    ~Candice Howard
    Candace Howard Keto diet testimonial
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