• Bye Bye Bootcamp

    Below is the email that Jason Yun, owner of Improvement Warrior Fitness sent out announcing the change from Yun Fitness Bootcamps and Yun Fit- the UN-Bootcamp to Improvement Warrior Fitness.



    Yun Fitness bootcamps becomes Improvement warrior fitness large group

    Bye Bye Bootcamp

    Bye Bye UN Bootcamp

    We have changed our name to Improvement Warrior Fitness!

    It's our belief that ‘bootcamps' are on their way out. They have served us well and you too. But we feel that there are more ‘bad' bootcamps out there then good.

    We feel like what we do in our training sessions and program is more then a ‘bootcamp'.

    And we are going to be doing even more. We are results oriented. We want you to get better. We expect you to get better. Each Improvement Warrior Coach expects it too!

    I am certain that we have the right coaches in place. The best coaches in place to help YOU become the Improvement Warrior— each and everyday! It doesn't matter if it's just 1% better or even a .5% better or 10% better.

    Coach Gabe, Coach Darrius, Coach Kaitlin, Coach Rick and myself are all prepared to take YOU to the next level. To take YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, YOUR TRAINING SESSIONS, YOUR LIFE to the NEXT LEVEL!

    Improvement takes time—

    A white belt cannot get their black belt in a week or a month. A 5th grader cannot get their Doctorate.

    Everyday we strive to get better. And we will show you the way

    Step 1- No more Bootcamp. No more Workouts.

    When you come to IWF– You are not going to ‘bootcamp anymore. Or ‘Un-Bootcamp'. You are not going to ‘workout' anymore. You are not going to be ‘exercising'.

    exercise no more

    You are going to Train. Our ‘workouts' are now Improvement Warrior Training Sessions or F.L.Os (Fat Loss Opportunity). You can also call them practices if you like. (SEE STEP #3)

    Working out and exercising is something that people seem to think that they have to do in order to lose weight or feel good. Or they feel they are obligated to do it based on some need.

    When you TRAIN- There is a purpose for what you are doing, a goal you are striving for. Whether that goal is just for that day, or it corresponds to a longer term goal (1-week, 1 month, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, whatever). You are 100% focused. You do what you are 100% capable of doing that day.

    The programs for the day are always written out on the white boards. Know what your training for– for that day and for your bigger goal and purpose. You also have our schedule in 4 month blocks so you know exactly what's coming.

    We will give you sometime to get the verbiage of ‘bootcamp' or ‘workout' or ‘working out' out of your system. After that…….. 🙂

    Step 2- Education

    We will be creating educational information for you. This will be based on where you are right now, and where you want to go. Basically it will be like a choose your own adventure type of thing. You decide where you go and what happens next.

    I will be including the information in several different formats including- email, video, audio. And making the announcements on the following:

    Join our new Facebook Page:


    My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YunTraining

    My Twitter page: http://twitter.com/YunTraining

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/YunTraining

    Improvement Warrior Coaches Facebook Pages:

    Rick- https://www.facebook.com/rick.locke.142
    Gabe- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12441604&fref=ts
    Kaitlin- https://www.facebook.com/kaitlinmsmith
    Darrius- no facebook

    Step 3- Athletes

    Definition of an Athlete from Merriam-Webster:


    how to move without injuring yourself

    ‘a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina'

    Everybody has the ability to be an Athlete.

    Yes we all are different. Different starting points, starting strengths, different body types, but we all have an ability to get better— to IMPROVE.

    As an Improvement Warrior Athlete come in and train hard and you will get better.

    If you suck at squats or pushups now, it takes practice and training. Give 100% to your training and your efforts will be rewarded.

    Step 4- Form

    This step also ties in nicely with Step 5.

    We will be sticklers for form on every exercise.

    A perfect rep performed 1 time is a 100 times better then performing a bad rep or partial rep 10 times.

    We are an injury free zone. Doing a rep perfectly is how you improve and get stronger. The stronger you get the more horsepower you can put into your engine, then the more intensity you can apply to your training sessions.

    The ramping up of the weeks will be gone too. The workouts are and always will be based on do what you can do. Workouts should never get easy. The stronger you get, the more work you should be able to in less time or the bigger ‘weight' you should be able to lift. Improvement one day at a time.

    Step 5- Assessments

    FitRanX: This is a series of levels based on 2 gender brackets and 3 age brackets that assesses your current state of strength & conditioning. If you think about the martial arts and white to black belts; we are going to get you to a white belt as soon as humanely possibly and progress you up from there.

    Below is a video of IWF owner, Jason Yun, going through FitRanX Level 5

    Improvement Boards: This is in addition to FitRanX. FitRanX requires a series of tests performed one after the other; in order to ‘Level Up' you must pass each of them. The Improvement Boards require you picking an exercise or two or three and going up the Levels as high as you can.

    Below is a video of IWF owner, Jason Yun, going over the results of one of our superstar Improvement Warrior's Assessment


    There is a board for strength and conditioning. As well as mobility. The mobility board is what we base our mobilizations on that we do before and after our F.L.Os and what you will do at home and at the office.

    The mobility board contains 7 different movements that every human should be able to perform. This is to figure out what movement patterns and/or exercises are doing more harm them good, and then fixing those patterns by working through a full range of motion and also performing mobilizations as assigned by your IWF coach.

    Basically if we fix the movement pattern we improve your performance, strength, body composition, and results.

    Step 6- Nutrition and support

    We will be offering nutrition seminars as well as nutritional/transformation challenges. The intervals at which we do this will be determined. All previous challenges are always open to enter at anytime if you missed the start date, but it is worth your time to email us to find out when the next ‘so & so' challenge is 🙂


    Step 7- 5:15 am classes Hilliard

    These classes will now be 35 minutes- 515-550 am.

    Step 8- When will all of this go down:

    First get into the mindset that you are an Improvement Warrior- in your F.L.O.S, in the grocery store, at your work, at your home. Everyday is a chance to get better and make improvements.

    There probably is some other stuff that will be added since the writing of this post. As Improvement Warrior Fitness we are always Improving ourselves, programming, nutrition, mindset, and how we bring the information to you.

    Stay strong, Stay Positive, Be The Improvement Warrior

    Jason Yun and the Improvement Warrior Team