• Let's Talk About Intensity

    The following is a transcript from the video above: Let's Talk About Intensity Hey! What's up? It's Jason Yun. Yun Strength and Fitness Systems, lbnonlinefitness.com. Welcome, I'm in my home office I wanted to make a quick video for you in regards to workout intensity. I made this video before but the sound quality was […]

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    Why YOU need to understand why we screen YOU

    One question that I have been getting a lot since we announced that we would be adding the Functional Movement Screen into our program is: ‘Why?!' So I wrote this article to explain to YOU, the client (or Improvement Warrior) exactly why and exactly what the Functional Movement Screen will do for you. But first […]

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    Functional Movement Screen- 7 Screens and 3 Clearing Tests

    Below you will find the 7 Screening tests of the Functional Movement Screen. There are some side notes before each and the correctives for each one will be linked to once I shoot them. This video below is a quick video of one of our Improvement Warrior's going through her screen: You also might want […]

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