• The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity- Improvement Warrior Podcast 15

    autism electro pollution four horsemen of death

    The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity | Improvement Warrior Podcast 15 Episode 15 is a deep dive into the main drivers of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autoimmunity. This podcast was stemmed from a comment who thought that his autism could not be cured. Most diseases are curable but not every person can be cured. […]

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    Blue Blockers

    Blue light makes you fat jason yun

    Your Light Environment is more important than the food you eat or the exercise you do. Welcome to the LIGHT page. On this page you will find links to some of the light products that I use and recommend. From blue light blocking glasses to blue light free bulbs to red light therapy to screens […]

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    Pizza is NOT A Vegetable–United States Congress

    pizza is not a vegetable jason yun new albany, ohio

    Pizza is NOT A Vegetable–United States Congress I recently wrote a press release about a subject that really got to me and made me extremely angry. You can check out the original release below. A new window will open up. Or it is copied and pasted below as well. http://www.prlog.org/11728204-united-states-congress-declares-pizza-sauce-vegetable-but-all-is-not-lost-in-hilliard.html Please read it to get […]

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    My Pre-Breakfast Breakfast

    Carbs not Evil or bad ketosis UV light

    My Pre-Breakfast Breakfast- New Albany, Ohio Group Strength and Fitness Training My pre-breakfast changes throughout the year depending on the season. Summer/fall this is the stuff I eat as mentioned in the video -KimChi -Sauerkraut -Raw Carrotts -2-4 Brazil Nuts 1 oz of some other nut (pecan, walnut, macadamia nuts, etc…..) -100% Dark Chocolate with […]

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    Case Study January 2022

    case study new albany ohio jason yun

    Case Study January 2022 Become an Improvement Warrior Case Study! DO NOT repeat the same mistake millions of Americans make every New Year by simply joining a gym and changing your diet! It doesn’t work! In order to get different results, you need to do things different. And if you want lasting and LIFETIME results […]

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    Sunrise- The #1 Health Habit For All Humans

    jason yun snow grounding and sunrise new albany ohio

    Still and always will be the most important thing for health! I posted this this morning right after my sunrise session with my dogs in the snow. Sunrise for your Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN). Naked eyes. I am also grounding, just wearing a kiniki and in the Malasana pose (squat hold). But one thing at a […]

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