• Keto Freezer! Keto Lifestyle Tips

    DHA in seafood must be eaten electrons

    Keto Freezer! Keto Lifestyle Tips I originally posted the video below from August 2019. Going through it I realized there are a lot of things that need some updating. When you know better you do better.  Flax seeds I no longer do as I have heard of it causing testosterone/estrogen issues. Plus if you are […]

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    It Begins- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 1

    It Begins- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 1 Today in this maiden voyage podcast we will discuss: 1. Why I decided to start the IWP 2. What/how it will be different than other health/wellness podcasts 3. My history in terms of who I am, who I was, and who I am becoming 4. The major key […]

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    Ground Yourself Gain Electrons

    grounding for health and electrons jason yun

    Beautiful day today. Make sure you get outside in this early morning to set those hormones and build that solar callus. Ground if you can.  I have already grounded more in March (11.3 days done) then I have in February. I've done 46 sessions for 19:29 in March. Feb I did 82 for 15:19.And that […]

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    Cell Chaos- Morning Sun Part 10

    Jason Yun cold therapy new albany, ohio

    Cell Chaos- Morning Sun Part 10 In the United States we are going through a cold spell. It's been about 2-3 weeks since I've seen the grass…..other people's grass 🙂 I still shovel my grass for a good grounding spot. But even Texas right now is snowing and they don't know how to deal with […]

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    Bushcraft Beginner and Koze Health

    koze health red light therapy

    Wanted to share a couple of things with you today. First as you know I am huge proponent of sleep and actually sleeping/camping outside whenever possible. You cannot beat nature. Well my tent hit a breaking point back in early December when the snowfall snapped my tent poles. So I haven't actually been able to […]

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    D Day- Vitamin D Returns to Columbus, OH

    D Day- Vitamin D Returns to Columbus, OH Happy D Day! Vitamin D returns today in Columbus, OH. The vitamin D winter is over. The below picture is a screenshot from my D Minder app. Have you downloaded it yet? Times may be different for you, so be sure to download the app D Minder. […]

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